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32 Responses to “PodTech Exclusive: Yahoo! Launches Podcasting with Yahoo! Podcasts”

  1. TechCrunch » Yahoo Launches Major Podcasting Service:

    […] Yahoo just launched a comprehensive podcasting search, directory and listening service called Yahoo Podcasts. John Furrier at nailed this story and has posted an exclusive podcast with Geoff Ralston, Yahoo’s Chief Product Officer. […]

  2. Yahoo Launches Podcasting Service, Yahoo Podcasts. » Solution Watch:

    […] TechCrunch (his post on Yahoo Podcasts) has just informed me that Yahoo! has just released a new service, Yahoo Podcasts, that is to be a directory of podcasts along with listening and searching of podcasts. John Furrier has posted an exclusive podcast with Geoff Ralston. […]

  3. Software Only:

    Yahoo launches open podcasts directory

    I was at the TechCrunch HQ tonight (see their post here)and learnt about the latest embargoexpiring at 9PM PT tonight: Yahoowasaboutto releasean open podcast directory, which will be available on once the URL resolves (hint: if you w…

  4. Bobnar Blog:

    Yahoo Podcasts Released

    Because you aren’t already wasting enough time obsessively reading forums and blogs, Yahoo is beta versioning Yahoo Podcasts. Pros: Slick looking site, easy to use, seems like a huge selection, and IE users get the ability to listen to podcasts at 2x …

  5. A look at Yahoo! Podcasts » Solution Watch:

    […] Above is a screenshot of the podcast player used when selecting the listen button. It is a simple interface that allows you to play and stop or go to the next or previous episode. It tells you where the cast is from, what the podcast is, and how you can view reviews or make a review or rating yourself. One thing that I did not notice in here was that in the exclusive podcast with John Furrier and Geoff Ralston, they mention that there are to be some fun things you can do with the podcasts like making it increase its speed. Geoff has said, “when you listen to a podcast on the web you can actually speed it up and listen to it a higher speed - if you want to jump through it to get to the content that you’re looking for.” I however had not seen this available yet. Maybe they are working on it? […]

  6. Digital Tech News:

    Yahoo Podcasts

    Big news for Podcasting! Yahoo! has launched Yahoo Podcasts, looking to take podcasting further into the mainstream. The Yahoo Podcasts website is very impressive, it looks like Yahoo! took their time to develope the service with lots of features.

  7. Swaroop C H, The Dreamer » YPodcast:

    […] Update: Interestingly, Yahoo! announced this via a podcast. Very appropriate.   […]

  8. Yahoo! attack iTunes podcast monopoly « Tom Raftery’s I.T. views:

    […] Yahoo! have just rolled out Yahoo! Podcasts - a service which lets users find, listen and subscribe to podcasts. PodTech has an interview with Geoff Ralston, Yahoo!’s Chief Product Officer about the new offering where he says: We want this to be as open as possible on both ends. We want to work with every device - however a user of Yahoo podcasts wants to consume their podcast, wherever they want to do it, whatever device, and on whatever jukebox. We’re going to work with them (jukeboxes) and we’re going to work with as many standards as possible using standard pcast format to integrate with a jukebox. You can listen to podcasts right on your computer, or you can listen to it right on the web itself. On the other end, we want to be as comprehensive as possible. If you have a podcast we’re going to find you, and if we haven’t found you then you can come to our website and give us your RSS feed and we’ll get it into our index within 24 hours. […]

  9. Bornstein’s Chinese Hotpot » Blog Archive » Yahoo launches podcast site…:

    […] If you want to listen to podtech’s interview with Yahoo Podcast product director, Geoff Ralston click here…it is worth a quick listen… […]

  10. Make You Go Hmm: » Yahoo Podcasts gives podcasters more free exposure:

    […] While checking out the new site, might want to listen to Geoff Ralson, Chief Product Officer of Yahoo! talking with John Furrier of PodTech about Yahoo! Podcasts. […]

  11. ssethi:

    Not unexpected. So where and when will MSN and Goolge launch the same service. The Y! site looks good and for us non-iPOD users it is another site like Odeo where I can get my podcasts onto my Zen player. At the moment, iTunes still wins because it is an integrated music/podcast (audio/video) service. I will wait and see when Yahoo Music is integrated.

    The winner of Web 2.0 will be the company that seamingly integrates everything together. email, SMS, search, music, podcasts etc.

  12. » yahoo! podcasting service launched:

    […] have you seen the new yahoo! podcasting service? hear what its all about as john furrier of interviews geof ralston, chief product officer at Yahoo! Availiable as a nice podcast or to stream online […]

  13. Technoogle » Blog Archive » Yahoo steps into Podcasting scene:

    […] John Furrier at has posted an exclusive podcast with Geoff Ralston, Yahoo’s Chief Product Officer; you can check the transcript of the interview posted at the same page for more info. […]

  14. Blogdigger Development Blog:

    Podcasting with…Notepad!

    Yahoo does podcasting. I’m listening to John Furrier’s interview now. Quick thoughts: In their tutorial on podcasting (the tutorial that my mother will likely read on podcasting), Yahoo suggests using a combination of Geocities and Notepad to create …

  15. PodCom:

    Yahoo! Podcasts Beta

    Yahoo launches podcast area. Now you can search for your favourite podcasts by keywords and tags, you can also view a podcast channel and add tags to the shows. You can also listen directly to a podcast from your browser or if you choose to subscribe…

  16. Podumentary >> Blog One » Yahoo cometh.:

    […] There is a great insider interview at of Geoff Ralston - Yahoo’s Chief Product Officer. […]

  17. Netzfischer » Blog Archive » Yahoo startet Podcast-Suche:

    […] Das ganze wurde (natrlich) durch einen Podcast angekndigt. […]

  18. Media Guerrilla:

    Podosphere PR?

    I think podcasting has all sorts of interesting implications for PR – some good, some bad. As some folks have already noted, Yahoo!’s roll-out of its new podcasting service started in the podosphere first then it branched out to the

  19. PODCASTER - Nyt om podcast, software og musik » Blog-arkiv » All Songs Considered!:

    […] Yahoo! imponerer og sender signal om at de ønsker at være med helt fremme, når der skal køres om spurten i podcast feltet.Yahoo! Podcasts beta version tilbyder, udover søgefunktion, en omfattende introduktion til, hvordan du selv kommer igang med at podcaste. Hvad Yahoo! vil og hvorfor kan du høre mere om i Podtechs interview med produkt chef hos Yahoo! Geoff Ralston. […]

  20. TechCrunch » Podtech and SolutionWatch Joing Web 2.0 WorkGroup:

    […] is a very popular podcast site hosted by John Furrier that is redefining corporate press practices. Recently, for instance, Yahoo gave Podtech an exclusive pre-annoucement right to discuss their podcasting service last weekend. […]

  21. SEM Pro » You the Media:

    […] We’re starting with News Search because we thought about all the places we could surface blog results on Yahoo! and Yahoo! News Search was the top of the list. Over time, expect to see more and more community created content (including Podcasts–see interview) appearing where they make the most sense. […]

  22. TechCrunch » Web 2.0 This Week (October 9-15):

    […] Smart: Give the blogosphere an exclusive preview and announcement rights of your new product and let the accolades roll in. […]

  23. InfoTalk Podcast Series:

    […] The launch of the Yahoo Podcasts product was a fantastic and successful release. PodTech was pleased to be part of the launch having the exclusive launch podcast. As it turns out that move by Yahoo was very innovating in terms of using podcasts as part of a controlled release. […]

  24. eCuaderno 3.0: Pistas, noticias y enlaces sobre Cibercultura, Medios, eComunicacion y Blogging por Jose Luis Orihuela:

    […] Best Podcasting Site 1. 2. Audible Althouse 3. Business Audio 4. Pod Castellano 5. Die Gefühlskonserve 6. Ma parole! 7. Antiwave 8. Podemus […]

  25. InfoTalk Podcast Series:

    […] […]

  26. CrunchNotes » PodTech: 2 million downloads:

    […] John Furrier’s PodTech just announced that they had their first 2 million download month. If you don’t subscribe to John’s podcasts you should. It’s an extremely useful source of information on web 2.0 and other companies, and he’s had more than a few exclusive announcements. […]

  27. Comments from the PodTech Gallery » Yahoo Launches Personalized Shopping:

    […] Yahoo launches another interesting product around personalization and shopping.  Yahoo has innovated launching with podcasting, bloggers and focused media sites.  More good Yahoo announcements coming soon on […]

  28. PodTech Comments from the PodTech Gallery » Don’t beg for links please - just podcast:

    […] Scobleizer is right on this.  You can’t pitch bloggers just put the info out there.  If not in a blog then try podcasting.  Podcasting is the language of bloggers.  Yahoo was so successful in podcasting their information.  Others are doing too from Morning Coffee Notes to Corporate professionals.  Just be open and be authentic.  […]

  29. Blog » Yahoo! Podcasts Is Live!:

    […] Yahoo! Podcasts makes it easy to find, subscribe, play, and transfer syndicated audio content with Yahoo! Music Engine or the media player of your choice.  The announcement was made via Podcast, of course. […]

  30. Lite Blogs » Blog Archive » Coverville:

    […] InfoTalk Podcast Series … Welcome to a PodTech exclusive podcast release of Yahoo!’s announcement for their new podcasting platform … and consume podcasts to really find the podcast that you’re interested in … […]

  31. Ipod Videos » Podcast:

    […] Silicon Valley, Technology, & Media Podcast ” Blog Archive ” PodTech Exclusive: Yahoo! Launches … … of Silicon Valley Security Mashups VC Pitch Podcast Intel Developer Forum InfoTalk Blog NVIDIA Gaming SOHO … Podcasts wants to consume their podcast, wherever they want to do it … […]

  32. podlook:

    Another podcast directory:

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