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4 Responses to “PodTech Joins Web 2.0 WorkGroup Announcement”

  1. TechCrunch » Podtech and SolutionWatch Joing Web 2.0 WorkGroup:

    […] We’ve added two new resources - and SolutionWatch. […]


    Solution Watch Joins Web 2.0 Workgroup

    The Web 2.0 Workgroup has been busy! Their announcement came earlier this week (starting with TechCrunch, Read/Write Web, and WeBreakStuff), followed by Dave Winer and his TheTwoWayWeb joining Wednesday, and now Solution Watch joins in on the fun.

  3. Solution Watch joins Web 2.0 Workgroup » Solution Watch:

    […] all about the podcasting, fresh voices of Silicon Valley, technology, and media. Welcome John! Post at LatestSolutions […]

  4. Techcrunch hits 100k Subscribers « John Furrier:

    […] Mike and I started together in 2005 and it’s a pleasure to see him take his passion ‘veritcal’.  Here is a great podcast with Mike (and the Web 2.0 workgroup) in Fall 2005 right before Techcrunch was ramping up.  He talks candidly about the early positioning and motivation behind Techcrunch.  It’s a good listen if you’d like to hear Mike’s early energy behind Techcrunch. […]

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