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9 Responses to “PodTech Exclusive from IBM’s World Headquarters: IBM Supports Podcasting as a New Media”

  1. Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger » exclusive: IBM podcasts:

    […] Furrier has an exclusive interview with an IBM official where they discuss IBM’s new podcasting initiative. Cool. Filed under: Podcasting @ 2:49 pm# […]

  2. Basic Thinking Blog » Blogs = Distributed Forums?:

    […] Ausschnitt aus = PodTech Exclusive from IBM’s World Headquarters: IBM Corporate Podcasting Team Talks with PodTech About Their Views on Podcasting. I travelled to Armonk NY to meet with IBM’s Corporate Podcasting Team, Ben Edwards and Christopher Barger in corporate communications, to discuss how IBM is using podcasting and how they see podcasting as part of their company’s strategy Technorati Tags: Interview Podcasting   […]

  3. Read/Write Web:

    Food Fight!

    Lots to eat today in Dot Oh Cafe. Here are some of the tasty tidbits that caught my eye as I perused the tech.memeorandum and Rojo menus: Google’s smorgasbord classifieds service Google Base is eating the lunch of many a…

  4. IBM’s Podcasting Strategy:

    […] Link: PodTech. […]

  5. Comments from the PodTech Gallery » IBM Puts out Podcasting Guidelines:

    […] Corante has a great post from IBM execs on their employee podcasting guidelines.  I recently visited the IBM corporate podcasting team in Armonk HQ and podcasted their vision and philosophy.  I like their seven commandments of podcasting. […]

  6. Comments from the PodTech Gallery » IBM Validates Podcasts for Consumers:

    […] Big Blue is podcasting story on CNET.  I was also interviewed for WSJ this morning.  This is a huge coup for podcasting.  Last months 2 million download PodTech month was amazing validation that the demand is there.  In no time at all consumers will be demanding content be served in their format.   Two weeks ago I interviewed Ben Edwards and Christopher Barger for an exclusive podcast where they in their own words talk about the possibilities for podcasting.  […]

  7. InfoTalk Podcast Series:

    […] Last month while at the IBM headquarters meeting with their corporate podcast team (which I did an infoTalk interview for PodTech), they also interviewed me in their studio for an internal podcast to all of their worldwide employees. This is really cool opportunity to let the world hear something from the inside of IBM. Thanks IBM for letting me post this. […]

  8. Basic Thinking Blog » Deutsche Blogcharts:

    […] Script dazu: (Antwort von Christopher Barger, IBM, auf die Frage von John Furier: You guys don’t have a command and control blogging strategy. You have an open and trustful strategy. Explain how that’s working with the folks out there) It works very well and you are absolutely right that the communities govern themselves, that they police themselves. One of the big concerns that was originally brought up was if conversations start going in the wrong direction, what if somebody says something bad. And you find that it’s like an old fashion town meeting, the first time the town loony gets up everyone gives him the microphone and pays there attention, and after he says a few crazy things everyone just rolls there eyes and they don’t pay him any attention anymore. But the smart ones, the ones that are well articulated with well thought out ideas, criticism, or whatever - those are the ones that people flock to. The idea to just let go and trust the community to weed itself and to identify who its leaders are that has been real interesting for me to watch and to see it happening. verwandte Artikel: […]

  9. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Heading to Sales and Marketing 2007, Phoenix:

    […] I’m excited to meet David Geller, who’s a friend of Robert Scoble’s who working at What Counts. Also on the panel is Ben Edwards, Director, IBM New Media Communications, who has already been featured on this PodTech show. Lastly, I look forward to meeting Angela Vargo, Senior Specialist Business Development Southwest Airlines Co. […]

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