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3 Responses to “PodTech Gallery: Comments from the PodTech Gallery”

  1. trickhouse id: web » RSS is to Media as TCP/IP was for Computing - Weblog zu den Themen Social Software, Webentwicklung und Design:

    […] John Furrier von schreibt: TCP/IP Changed Computing and RSS will Change Media. Everyone asks me about Podcasting and as you know I have an opinion on podcasting. However to me podcasting is just a media application in this massive disruptive shift called RSS - it will cut across all media from personal to corporate. IMO RSS will drive a massive change on media consumption just as TCP/IP had on computing. […]

  2. PodTech Comments from the PodTech Gallery » RSS is to Media as TCP/IP was for Computing:

    […] Update: Dave Winer writes some good point on Yahoo and Google and talks about the RSS impact with Yahoo.  I responded to Dave’s email with more thoughts and comments:  …  Yahoo is taking RSS and making it from defacto to “the standard” through innovation.  I posted on my blog today a comparison to the early movements of TCP/IP.  TCP/IP was out there as a open model and grew to change the networking thus computing landscape (good by SNA, DECNET,..etc).  Now RSS IMO drive that same dynamic except it will be changing media and consumption (look for the existing SNA equivalents to fall too – that is existing media models).  RSS will enable a new sets of benefits of which aren’t even developed yet.  I’m optimistic on this point.  […]

  3. 鱼和水:

    Email Evolvement: POP3 to Web Mail to Mail Conversation to RSS Mail

    Email is a big topic through the evolvem

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