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5 Responses to “Sounds of Naked Conversati0ns Book Party at Techcrunch 5”

  1. TechCrunch » Thank You For Coming to TechCrunch 5:

    […] Blogs discussing the party: Robert Scoble, Dave Winer, Scott Beale, Dave McClure, Tracy Sheridan, Alex Moskalyuk, Robert Anderson, Dan Farber Pictures, Nik Cubrilovic, Jeremiah Owyang, Mark Jen, Rafe Needleman, Renee Blogdett, Chris Mullins Mike Davidson, Brian Oberkirch, Jeff Clavier, Joseph A. di Paolantonio, Jeff Clavier #2, James Gross, Alexander Muse, Oliver Starr, Rick Segal, Podtech No Tags Tags: nakedconversations, techcrunch, web2.0, web_2.0 Categories: Events | Bookmark this post with […]


    The Naked Conversations Launch Party in Silicon Valley

    People from all over the blogosphere converged in person last night at Michael Arrington’s house in Atherton for the TechCrunch BBQ launch party of Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s new book on business blogging, Naked Conversations. Off a dark s

  3. Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger » Thanks John for podcasting the party:

    […] Thanks to John Furrier for podcasting the party. It’s interesting cause I was stuck signing books in the corner that I wasn’t able to have very many deep conversations with people so I’m relying on recordings like John’s to fill in the gaps. Anyone have other podcasts or video blogs or things like that? Leave your URLs here. […]

  4. bdaul:


    Nice meeting you at the book launch. I came over after you were talking with Doug Engelbart. LET US make sure you get some broadcasts with Doug going…let me know how you would like to proceed.

    –bill daul

  5. Bjorn’s Blog » Blog Archive » TechCrunch 5 Podcasted:

    […] Hence, I was delighted to find a podcast from my favourite podcaster Podtech. John Furrier promises a series of podcasts from the event. The first one can be found here. […]

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