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2 Responses to “Providing Brands with Radar: Measuring the Power of Consumer Generated Media”

  1. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Factiva Social Media Roundtable helps to answer “What should we measure”:

    […] Podcast Interview: Nielsen Buzz Metrics on Marketing Voices, a Podtech Show […]

  2. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Podcast: Peter Blackshaw (Part 2) on Marketing Voices:

    […] Peter was recently on Jennifer’s podcasts around Social Media Measurement: Providing Brands with Radar: Measuring the Power of Consumer Generated Media. He’s come back, this time with even more knowledge. How important is listening for companies and marketers? It’s THE most important thing. I challenge every marketer to listen to the marketplace before crafting a message or creating a campaign. Just like in real life, one should listen before jumping into a conversation. You can listen to his podcast: Marketing Voices: Nielsen Buzzmetrics’ Pete Blackshaw I took some notes, mainly for my own personal exploration, it includes my insight, as if I was in the conversation myself: […]

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