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7 Responses to “Tech InfoTalk™: Bloglines & Feedster founders”

  1. TechCrunch:

    Profile: Feedster

    Company: Feedster

    Founded: March 2003
    Status: Founded by Scott Johnson in March 2003. Merged with RSS-Search founded by François Schiettecatte in June 2003. Announced Series A funding on June 2, 2005 led by Selby Venture Partners. Other investors…

  2. TechCrunch:

    Profile: Bloglines

    Company: Bloglines

    Location: Oakland, CA
    Founded: July 1, 2003 (Link)
    Status: Acquired by Ask Jeeves on February 8, 2005 (Link)
    What is it?
    Bloglines is a free, web based RSS reader. It’s the most popular, with NewsGator/Feeddemon a close…


    Google AdSense for RSS and Atom Feeds

    The famed Ads by Goooooogle could be showing up in your favorite feed.

  4. » Blog Archive » Google AdSense for RSS and Atom Feeds:

    […] Scott Johnson of Feedster mentioned in a July 4th interview with InfoTalk that his RSS search engine would be incorporating ads into feeds. One of the best parts is that their brand of feed-vertising will scrape content from the entire archive of a feed, as opposed to just what is being displayed (i.e. tha last 10 posts). This allows them to give you truly targeted advertising, instead of just grabbing keywords. […]

  5. TechCrunch » Profile: Bloglines:

    […] about faq press ask jeeves acquires February 8, 2005 media services Weblog for Mark Fletcher, CEO of Bloglines search engine watch best blog/feed search engine (March 31, 2005) wsj article bloglines v. rojo unbecominglevity bloglines review (2004) PodTech interview with Bloglines founder […]

  6. TechCrunch » Profile: Feedster:

    […] Links: Fact Sheet About Corporate Blog News PR Review, opinions Financing Feed of the day Developer wiki Help Scott Rafer (CEO) blog (read this for his thoughts on the tagging product) fusion94org on feedster tagging Brian Del Vecchio on feedster tagging Maruo Cherubini on feedster tagging Fredonsomething on feedster tagging PodTech interview with Feedster Founder […]

  7. -- Es leben die Feeds!:

    […] Von Herrn Fletcher, dem Bloglines-Gründer, habe ich dieses Zitat: […]

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