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11 Responses to “Robert Scoble Joining PodTech”

  1. Webmaster Blog:

    Scoble verlsst Microsoft

    Bei Techcrunch ist zu lesen, dass Robert Scoble, Microsofts populrster Blogger, vorraussichtlich seinen Job verlassen und zum Start Up PodTech wechseln will. Inzwischen hat sich auch Scoble selbst…

  2. Robert Sanzalone:

    Congratulations to both Robert Scoble and PodTech. Looking forward to this great new combination.

  3. » Is Scoble leaving Microsoft? The Blog Herald: more blog news more often:

    […] Update: Podtech makes it official: PodTech will be putting out a formal press release on Monday morning. In the meantime if your in SF Sunday stop by vloggercon for the in person update with Robert Scoble and John Furrier. […]

  4. Ensight - Jeremy Wright’s Personal Blog » Scoble… To PodTech?!:

    […] I am surprised he’d go to PodTech though. PodTech has vaguely responded: Robert will post his comments on the news. We will be at vloggercon tomorrow to answer questions on the news to the future news organization (videobloggers). Robert will have a full story to tell there. Alot to talk about tomorrow. PodTech will be putting out a formal press release on Monday morning. […]

  5. Spelling Checker:

    First time looking at this site and noticed lots of misspelled words on this post. Ouch. Prove to us that techies can spell too!

    Alot –> A lot
    your –> you’re
    in person –> in-person

  6. Randy Charles Morin:

    Congrats! Nice catch.

  7. Beach Walks with Rox:

    Scoble leaves Microsoft video interview

    Beach Walks gets a scoop. Looks like the beaches of California are at least a tiny part of the lure that is bringing Robert Scoble to PodTech. Watch our video interview from yesterday to see the writing in the sand.

    Best of fun in your new position …

  8. Make You Go Hmm: » Money changes everything: Scoble leaving Microsoft:

    […] What are others saying? Scoble’s friend, Dave Winer: “A person like Scoble can have enormous influence just by adopting some very simple ideas. It’s the ideas that have power. But Microsoft hasn’t let the changes waft over them. They still think in old terms. I’m glad to see my old friend didn’t go down with the ship.” Toby Bloomberg ponders if he’s movin’ up Steve Newson: “I claim no great insight into Robert’s reasons for moving on, but give the guy a break. He’s doing what’s right for him, what he feels will be best for his career and his life.” Warner Crocker: “You’ve already made more of an impression on countless folks who read your stuff than most people get a chance to touch in a lifetime.” Stowe Boyd: “I have long thought that Scoble would be happier in a small start-up, where the upside is considerably larger than working as a ham-and-egger, pulling down a paycheck in a slow-moving monolith like Microsoft. But that’s his positive movement toward a goal, not a negative movement away from a situation that he hates.” Marc Orchant: “Scoble’s tenure at Microsoft lasted three years. His footprints will endure for a long time.” Mark Evans: “While Scoble did great work evangelizing Microsoft, he also became a rock-star on the conference circuit and attracted a large personal following. I wonder if blogging has become the new speaking bureau with its ability to create celebrities who can “cash” in on their popularity.” Jeremiah Owyang: “he’s got a strong background in journlism, this tied with his videography passion will make him a strong asset for Podtech. I believe Robert will be THE premiere tech reporter in the Silicon Valley.” Guardian Technology Blog: “there aren’t any Microsoft bloggers on the geek A-list, with either Scoble’s name recognition nor his ability to direct lots of traffic to Microsoft team blogs and Channel 9.” Don Dodge: “Robert is one of those people who always needs a new challenge, a new environment, a new set of competitors, and a new set of goals. I know the type. They give 100% of everything they have to their mission, and when its done they look for another challenging mission.” Kent Newsome: “As a shareholder, I wish Microsoft had stepped up to the plate and done whatever was needed to keep Scoble in the fold. Instead, Microsoft may have stumbled into another PR mess and certainly just became less relevant in the blogosphere.” Official PodTech blog: “PodTech will be putting out a formal announcement soon. In the meantime if you’re in SF today (Sunday) stop by vloggercon for the in-person update with Robert Scoble and John Furrier.” […]

  9. Write That Down:

    Scoble Heading to Podtech

    Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft and headed for This is just broke tonight across several blogs. Amazing, this inter-connected World we have here.
    I don’t know Robert personally, but I have to say he seems very cool and down-to-ear…

  10. Street Lessons » Scoble is leaving Microsoft and BBC is covering this news!:

    […] Om reported that the “human” face of Microsoft, Robert Scoble, is leaving Microsoft and joining, a Silicon Valley based podcast start-up. […]

  11. Luminus:

    Whoa! this is interesting news. You just landed the hottest name in the entire blogosphere.

    Here’s piles of congratulations to both Scoble and PodTech.

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