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11 Responses to “Vloggercon San Francisco: Robert Scoble Speaks About Moving from Microsoft to”

  1. webforth » Blog Archive » Robert Scoble Leaves Microsoft:

    […] Robert says he leaves Microsoft because his work there was done and he comes to PodTech to participate in a nascent industry that promises to go nova. […]

  2. Hans on Experience:

    Scoble gaat naar PodTech

    Robert Scoble, DE blogger die in dienst was van Microsoft gaat naar PodTech. Natuurlijk big news. Hij geeft zelf commentaar in een audioposten geeft op zijn blog nadere uitleg. Om het geklets in de blogosphere in de juiste proporties te zetten.Het is n…

  3. SharePoint, SharePoint and stuff : Robert Scoble verläßt Microsoft und wechselt zum Statup

    […] Robert Scoble verläßt Microsoft und wechselt zum Statup Robert Scoble (ehemaliger NetMeeting MVP), Microsofts Aushängeschild im Blogging und Supertyp verläßt Microsoft in Richtung des Podcast-Startup Unternehmens Ich hatte das Vergnügen, ihn auf dem MVP Summit in Redmond im zu treffen. Für mich hatte er einen der coolsten Jobs bei Microsoft. Wenn also Robert diesen Job verläßt um bei PodTech anzuheuern, dann sollte man sich schon mal anhören, was er da so macht. […]

  4. The Blog of Athos » Blog Archive » Going Nova:

    […] Why? Simply because a couple of years ago, that would have been impossible. Another example, now that Robert Scobble leaves Microsoft to join Podtech, a small startup in California, it is more clear the potential of new technologies such as podcasting. Three days ago, I was listening TBL podcasts on my way back to Madrid, downloaded from the Eircom wi-fi hotspot in Dublin!! Wow, believe me that was not that usual!! […]

  5. Darren Straight's Blog:

    Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft for so what’s next?

    Ok so you’ve probably already heard the news about how Robert Scoble, one of the worlds most noticed bloggers and technical evangelists for Microsoft, has announced (10th June 20060) that he is leaving Microsoft to join a new start up called PodTech….

  6. _notizen aus der provinz:

    Chief Blogging Officer leaves Microsoft

    Robert Scoble, probably one of the most famous bloggers worldwide, is leaving Microsoft. Scoble was a kind of CBO or Chief Blogging Officer for Microsoft. In my humble opinion he did LOADS to improve Microsofts reputation in the blogosphere. He

  7. Microsoft’s opportunity post-Scoble at

    […] Some of the blogosphere commentary following Robert Scoble’s news that he is leaving Microsoft to join Podtech in July is on who will be the next Scoble at Microsoft. […]

  8. Transparent Agenda » Scoble leaves Microsoft:

    […] I could go on and on but I won’t. For more info just head over to TechMeme for plenty of similar stories about Robert. Hopefully we will have more details as he heads south for […]

  9. This week on web 2.0 || kosmar || Blog:

    […] Evangelist Robert Scoble left microsoft to join podtech. See and hear more coverage around here. […]

  10. Comic Strip Blog » Blog Archive » Comic Strip 226 : the fact is : many bloggers are bribed by Microsoft by Comic Strip Blogger:

    […] new employer of Scoble […]

  11. PodTech purchased by ViewPartner for less than half a million, ending a bloody story » VentureBeat:

    […] A few years ago, PodTech was a high-flying Silicon Valley web startup. First it offered podcasts, then video — and was aiming to become a video content network, that also provided infrastructure advertising services to other video creators. It hired some big names in the technology media world, including Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble in 2006. […]

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