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3 Responses to “Forbes Stands Firm Against Network Neutrality”

  1. Robert Scoble:

    Steve needs to watch last week’s Rocketboom:

  2. Steve Wilhelm:

    Or this video by Tim Berners-Lee:

  3. Jon Guffey:

    Steve’s comments were not baseless, but do not include the whole truth. He says that there is no action needing a reaction (Net Neutrality). The action took place when the Supreme Court made its ruling, changing the alleged role of ISPs. A reaction is definitely needed. Furthermore, “Net Neutrality” is not a regulation inasmuch as it is a mandate of “nonregulation”. The public would agree that the internet is a world of opportunity that should not be landscaped, influenced, or directed by the few (ISPs) but should evolve naturally in accordance with the demands of its users.

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