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2 Responses to “Starting a Company with August Capital’s David Hornik”

  1. stevenR2:

    Good to hear David is listening to what the innovators are saying - i think that’s essential and was maybe missed a few years ago. The key is making sure the people you listen to are not the great pretenders that convinced so many to invest in the craziest ideas on the basis they were “experts”.

    I wonder whether the same concept could be applied in enterprises - management don’t seem to listen or when they do they often pretend to know it all.

    Nice podcast - my first time listening and i’ll be back,

  2. Seen Not Heard:

    china’s silicon valley

    Pacific Epoch has an interview with Monte Singman, ex-Director of RD at Shanda which included this little exchange:PE: Shanda is concentrated in Zhangjiang[High Tech Park, Shanghai]. Is Zhangjiang the silicon valley of China? Monte: I think so. I heard…

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