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One Response to “Massive Growth of the Blogosphere Continues”

  1. Blogging for Dollars » Personal Insights on Web 2.0, Blogging, and Business:

    […] My prediction? Lots of entrepreneuers will enter the market to try to make some money…and give up. If people think blogging is an easy and quick way to make some money, they will have a very tough road ahead of them. It takes time and persistance, something many people are short on, to build a blog audience. Especially given the increasing numbers of people starting up blogs every single day, bloggers will have a difficult time distinguising themselves from the thousands of other new blogs popping up. The blogosphere has been doubling every 6 months according to the most recent “State of the Blogosphere” report. Does anyone know if, internet-wide, the number of blog readers or the total time readers are spending reading blogs is also doubling every 6 months? Afterall, it really doesn’t matter how many blogs there are. Monetization of blogs comes through a blog’s audience, so if there if the audience is not growing, profits won’t grow either. […]

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