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4 Responses to “Content collaboration for enterprises with Koral’s Mark Suster”

  1. srini:

    wow robert, this was a truly amazing interview !!! one of the best i’ve ever seen.


  2. gerhard:

    Mark Suster is good, the interviewer sounds like an ignorant high-shool kid

  3. Frédéric de Couturier:

    Mark Suster is an excellent retoric on one side,howeveryou’d better do not enter in business relations with him because he is a disgrace when it comes to honesty. If he shakes your hand you’d better count your fingers afterwards.

  4. Mark Suster:

    Frederic, we have never done business together and your comments cannot be serious. It would be interesting if you posted your company name so we could know who you are. I am assuming this is spam.

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