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3 Responses to “Ray Kurzweil - The Future of Technology and Media - The Singularity is Here”

  1. Podcasting The Masses » Blog Archive » Ray Kurzweil Interview Podcast:

    […] has an excellent interview podcast with Ray Kurzweil, author of “The Singularity is Here.” Ray Kurzweil is an inventor and futurist. He’s founded nine companies, which work on everything from speech recognition, musical instruments, to artificial intelligence. […]

  2. Martin Olsson:

    I have recorded a video-cast of some of my thoughts regarding Kurzweil’s predictions. Available at

  3. Ted Stalets:


    I have been following Mr. Ray Kurzweil for well over a decade. In fact, most of my emerging technology domains which I have at Domain Nesteggs mesh in quite closely with Kurzweil in the areas of robotics, virtual reality, biotechnology and nanotechnology. I have my own timeline for emerging technologies which I developed - which can be found on my home page at Domain Nesteggs. Feel free to look it over and by all means - reply with your thoughts.

    All the best!
    Ted Stalets
    Domain Nesteggs

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