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9 Responses to “Intel Says 45 Nanometer Microprocessors Due Later This Year”

  1. Ken Kaplan:

    Goosebumps! Inspirational! Wonderfully paced storytelling. This really gives me a sense for how people together can meet great challenges. Watching this you can ponder and feel the emotions involved in making this giant leap in the race for the ever shrinking tiny transistor. Kudos PodTech! Congratulations Intel engineers!

  2. P. Hoffman:

    This really is pretty amazing stuff. It’s hard to even imagine how they’re able to come up with these breakthroughs, let alone fathom what it means for us when it comes to using this new technology.

    Thanks podtech for taking us on this tour, and the great explanation of it all.

    I want to see more in this style! Perhaps you could document the 32nm process along the way?

  3. Mike Williams:

    The intro to this video and the music is amazing. Very informative video. I learned alot.


  4. What’s the Prolbem with Scoble? | The Last Podcast:

    […] YouTube is popular because the videos are short. They fit into our world of short attention spans and instant gratification. If Scoble had linked to the more produced and shorter third video PodTech did, maybe he would have gotten more links to it. […]

  5. The Intel video I should have linked to more prominently « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger:

    […] The Intel video I should have linked to more prominently In all the excitement of MY videos not getting linked to enough, I made the mistake of not more prominently sharing a much better video that PodTech produced with Intel. This one doesn’t have my annoying laugh, my shaky camera work, had a full crew (two camera people, an audio person, a production person, and “real talent.” To you, that’s Jason Lopez, who used to work at NPR and has forgotten a lot more about media production than I’ll ever know. Oh, and it was edited. Has music. And all that, so it’s definitely NOT boring. […]

  6. Shannon O'Brien:

    This is a fascinating brief history lesson. Jason Lopez combined the right amounts of interview, narration, and graphics to tell this story. Well done.

  7. DmtDust:

    ZowieWowie, this is more important than curing Cancer!!!

  8. Nicholas D. Knapp:

    Astounding! I believe the computing world owes Gordon Moore a huge thank you for his contributions and for his inspiration to engineers over the last 4 decades. I am extremely proud to be an Intel employee at this time.

  9. Steve Lionel:

    Very nicely done. Good presentation. The only nit I would pick is that Stephen Fischer is a Principal Architect, not Principle Architect, unless he’s into designing ethical systems…

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