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2 Responses to “Weekly Tech News Roundup from India”

  1. Sankalp Saxena:

    Dear Kamla,

    A clarification on your lead about tech funding “shrinking” in India. Moveo, captured as an example, has raised a total of US$2.2 million in seed funding in the past 9 months - commendable by any worldwide benchmark. This was commensurate with our business plans - as such, I don’t quite know how you are reading into this that tech fuding in India is shrinking - that is an unsupported lead of faith. One typically would not over-raise funding for the sake of funding.


  2. Technology Careers » Inside scoop of Electric Rain’s Standout:

    […] JP Maeder is head of ZEVCAT, an acronym for Zero Emission Vehicle Compressed Air Technology. His company in Northern California is set up to be a distributor of the Air Car, a concept vehicle designed to run only on compressed air, created by French inventor Guy Negre and his company Moteur Development International, which recently signed an agreement with India’s Tata Motors, as reported here on PodTech by Kamla Bhatt. In this podcast we examine the Air Car and it’s promise, and the challenges JP is having in bringing the car to the U.S., as well as the challenges of the tehcnology itself. […]

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