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6 Responses to “Apartment Composting 101: Vermicompost with Barb Finnin”

  1. A Conversation with Barb Finnin, Master Composter | Technology, Business, Media, and News Podcasts:

    […] We enjoyed our conversation and worm-bin-making adventure with Freshtopia’s Barb Finnin so much that we’ve decided to give you another little taste! Barb and Ryanne discuss the radical-ness that is composting and how to avoid bringing non-compostables (darn plastic bags!) into your home. […]

  2. Casey:

    Enjoyed the conversation with Barb and Ryanne. Thanks for the tips. I have my vermicompost all ready to begin.

  3. ryanne and jay:

    hi casey
    thanks for the comment!
    i’m glad you are inspired to start a worm bin!
    let us know how it goes.
    we’ll be posting an update of how ours is coming along soon!

    -ryanne and jay

  4. jami:

    Hey, I just found this website doing research on composting and I love it! But I was wondering if there were other, greener, options to the plastic bin? I know there are some biodegradable plastics out there but I was curious about alternatives. Thanks!

  5. Cornelia:

    I’m a new worm farmer and love Barb and the podcast! One thing–I have been told not to use intensely colored newspaper or junk mail–the dyes in office mail can be toxic. (Black newsprint is soy-based.) What is your experience, Barb?

  6. misty:

    when you dump the castings out, how do you keep the worms from going too?

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