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8 Responses to “Mobile Start-Up: Mango Technologies”

  1. Arun Sethia:

    This is great start by Sunil and Lekh. Congratulation and best of luck both of them. I know sunil personally, he is very capable, high vision person, has capability to achieve anything in the Mobile market.

    This is great to hear you guys.

    Again best of luck Sunil


  2. Mike Montano:

    Looks cool! I’m curious what would be the major competing frameworks for “cross-platform” mobile development?

    Do you have any plans to release a demo - for mobile application developers to play with?

    Good luck!


  3. Bhargava:

    Good start Lekh and Sunil..

  4. Sunil:


    Thanks for the encouraging response.

    We do have demo version but only available to our partners at this time.

    You can send me a mail at sunil[at] and we take it offline.


  5. Ajay chhangani:

    Great to see the success by sunil, based on his career track so far i can say that he would again come out as true winner as he has always been. I wish him and his team a great success and many such innovative ideas and products so that industry in general and public as whole get the benefit out of these inventions.


    Ajay Chhangani

  6. Kiran Kanwal:

    I heard your company is for sale.
    Why is that when you are doing so great?

  7. Subramanya:

    Hey Lekh,
    Saw you couple of times at office but couldn’t catch-up. Was looking at Mango web-site for something else and it was a pleasant surprise to see that you are the CTO & Co-founder.

    Wow! Congrats. Great job and keep up the good spirits.

  8. varsha:

    Hi ,

    Great job done guys, But in the above comment by Kiran, I read that i guys have the plan to sell ur company.I am in USA and looking for either starting a new company or taking over or even being in patnership.

    Let me know if there any such possibilites.

    Congrats. Great job done.

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