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24 Responses to “Seagate Reaches Terabyte Milestone”

  1.   Seagate launches 11th generation Barracuda hard drive by The Daily Connect:

    […] View the videocast interview featuring Marc Jourlait, Seagate vice president Global Marketing. […]

  2. David:

    Excellent interview… thank you for the update on the high tech advances. Your guest was very sharp and easy to understand.

  3. SalvageData Recovery:

    I find that the quality of seagate drives are getting worst these days. The products from 3 to 4 years ago use to be much better.

  4. Duncan A McDonald:

    This annoucement is

    Keep going

  5. ewart:

    wow, all that and they didn’t mention ANYTHING about performance… and supposedly this drive has great performanance according to seagates press release?? if it’s true about the good performance then thats a bit of a key selling point beyound the obvious space implications I would have thought… pretty sad omission… and I can think of about 3 other key things I would have said if I had Marc’s job..

  6. Chandler:

    So, SO, SO… Where is the flash memory hybrid????

  7. Oswaldo:

    Como saber se o HD seagate está na garantia

  8. zvi:

    Wooow - Amazing storage capacity, I want one for me.

  9. David:

    The Seagate drive will only run at 7500 like ALL of the other drives. No performance improvement, only capcacity! Think before you buy!

  10. SteveP:


    Actually denser drives often offer performance gains due to faster seek times. That being said, I’m often finding that drives are too fast…not that being too fast is a problem, but with the increase in spin comes an increase in power consumption, noise, heat and spin-up/mount times.

    I need tons of storage for my media collection. Even 5400 rpm is fast enough, but these drives manage to stay cool and quiet enough at 7500 rpm (and I don’t know of any large capacity drives that run slower).

    What I really wish is that drives would come with DIP switches that allowed you to control the speed. I would run full speed when copying my media collection, but throttle it down when connected to my entertainment center for playback.

  11. T.Hammami:

    This new HDD from seagate is supplied with a world wide waranty for five years. So with all its performance and this waranty level we can not find some thing better

  12. Eugene Louie:

    I have spent three days recovering from a external hard disk crash that happened with my 750 mgb Maxtor III One Touch. The drive was only three weeks old so it doesn’t contain a ton of photographs. However, I’ve been working hard to find the company with the most reliable external hard drives. Has anyone seen any objective research on the longevity of these new Seagate 1 terabyte drives? I’m sure Maxtor is a fine company but I’m freaked out about buying any Maxtors because of this incident. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks,Eugene

  13. Ong Y.F.:


    Just for your info, Maxtor is under Seagate, since 2006.

    So… you know…I am not going to continue.

  14. Simon_E:

    The issue with huge data disks is the huge amount of data that is lost when they fail. Mirroring gives resilience and improves performance, go for it!
    Otherwise back up some how - HD-DVD or BluRay for the important stuff perhaps. The old saying about having all your eggs in one basket surely ring true for the mega disks.

  15. Dr. MAQ:


    Guys, what do you think about the next milestone in HDD history?

    Speed, size, or reliability?

  16. Eugene H.:

    I just had a DOA (Dead on Arrival) external from Maxtor, although an older maxtor Hard Drive from before Seagate’s takeover works just fine. This has led me to search for other *reliable* sources.

    However, maybe Seagate will fix its quality problems with these new mega drives..

  17. Connor M.:

    I think this is quite nice. I personally have never liked seagate, but they seem to have reached the 1 TB threshold in force. I’m interested in their SATA enterprise drives. SAS drives haven’t impressed me with performance. The tech is too immature. I’m also waiting for Western Digital to release the 1 TB RE2 enterprise drive to compare the two. Competition is good.

    As far as the one touch guy with the dead hard drive- yea, they die. Get a 3ware RAID card if you want to keep your data. It’s a spinning metal platter. One day it will stop spinning. Make sure you can recover from that before you load it up with useful information. Seagate can’t replace your IQ, they can only replace your drive. Remember that the next time you dump 750 GB of data on a drive you throw in your luggage between expensed business trips.

  18. Jerry:

    Where’s the beef?

    Ok, so Seagate annouced 1TB drives, so where are they?
    I’ve searched the web for the Barracuda ES.2, none found anywhere.

    What’s up with that???

  19. anton:

    this is just a step further from gigabyte dimension. i have been expecting this to arrive. and what else would be next, quadrabyte? and then one day we would perhaps realize that we’re already at the heptabyte dimension. but the most important milestone i would like to see from seagate & other hard drive manufacturers is the “LONGER” life of their products.

  20. Dipen Panchal:

    I think in this Digitalization we need more space at the same time greater reliability. Hope New Invention Confirms the same. Speed, Storage and Excellent after sales Support!!

  21. Sean:

    Guys, take a minute to think this through.

    Faster and smaller does not always equal better. You try and compress so much data into such a small area and spin the platters as fast as you can, something is going to give. It’s like the old adage: Fast, Good, Cheap, pick two. You can’t have them all AND have them be supremely reliable, the faster you go, the larger the crater when it “crashes”.

    I’ve always had good look with Seagate drives. My philosophy is, if you provide a longer warranty, there’s something behind the reasoning for that. Hopefully the reasoning is that the drive you buy has less problems less frequently. If it had more problems, the warranty would be one or two year, like the rest of the vendors.

  22. Kaku:

    For collection of video and music, they are coming about with a specific model that is good for that purpose, DB35, more reliable against heat and smoother playback. Barracuda ES2 and .11 have technology against multidisk environment (RAID) for vibrations that is what I like, but I’m bit scared about the last ES drives that failed too many from (probably) the end of its production lot.

  23. pioneer:

    Yes,Great, I like you, seagate !

  24. Anas Taki:

    Yeah Seagate rulez… Maxtor sucks

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