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10 Responses to “Inspirational teenager”

  1. What the hell is up with our kids today? « Scobleizer:

    […] Meet Daniel Brusilovsky. 14-year-old geek. […]

  2. PodTech:Inspirational teenager « Angela A Thomas:

    […] 3rd, 2007 · No Comments From Robert Scoble comes this story about 14 year oldDaniel. […]

  3. woofer:

    In Ukrane and Russia the phrase @can we get donations to buy him a new Mac?@ just impossible to imagine :)

  4. Vero:

    At that age, their minds are like a sponge, and he’s lucky to be surrounded by positive and constructive learning material, rather than shitty hip hop, junky tv and bullish behaviour.

    It’s so inspiring to see that a kid of that age chooses to use his spare time* wisely. He speaks in interview better than the vast majority of grownups!

    Keep it up, Daniel, it pays off to be motivated.


    [* Ah to have that kind of spare time again… You don’t appreciate it until you lose it!]

  5. » Ein begeisterter Blogger, Podcaster und IT-Spezialist - und gerade 14 Jahre alt:

    […] Nicht nur Robert Scoble ist von dem Jungen beeindruckt. Daniel hat inzwischen seine 28. Episode eines eigenen Podcasts herausgebracht. Er schreibt ein Blog. Er arbeitet als IT-Spezialist – neben der Schule. […]

  6. 14-year old entrepreneur ? « Net Circus:

    […] […]

  7. YourList progress log » Blog Archive » A couple of things.:

    […] He’s down to earth, knows economics, broadcasts a podcast, works with sharepoint and he is only 14;  Daniel Brusilovsky. He’s just amazing, here in this interview with Robert Scoble (aka Scobleizer). […]

  8. Kid Geeks « Mark’s Musings:

    […] Kid Geeks Just watched the Robert Scoble video of Daniel Brusilovsky, can’t believe how level headed he sounds for a 14 year old. […]

  9. joecab:

    In lieu of using money for a new Mac, Daniel’s giving over donated money to a charity. (See this blog at for info.)

    What a thoughful, intelligent and motivated young man. (And, hey, he hates MySpace — the kid’s got taste.)

  10. Len Edgerly:

    Daniel is amazing, and I’m so glad you interviewed him. His Apple Universe podcast interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and staff is a delight, especially when he quotes a Scoble interview on financial info that the staffers thought no one was talking about. . I love how quickly I forgot how old he was, as his presence and intelligence took me under his spell.

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