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5 Responses to “Defcon 2007: Bumping the Medeco Lock”

  1. Defcon: Lock Picking at Garrett Gee:

    […] Last year’s hot topic was bumping regular locks. This year’s hot topic was bumping a Medeco M3 high security lock, which is supposedly un-bumpable. Martin McKeay got interview and record Mark Tobias and Jennalynn on this very subject. […]

  2. JT:

    They were able to bump the M3, but it required research and some nifty computer algorithms, and they have not published the research so it’s not like any joe-blow lock bumper is going to be able to do it. Medeco M3 locks are still the best defense against lock-bumping. You can find more information on lock bumping at

  3. Martin McKeay:

    JT, I’d agree with you, except that the Medeco M3 was originally advertised as being “Bump Proof” and is still being advertised as “Virtually Bump Proof”. Marc Weber Tobias does point out in the video that he still considers the M3 one of the most secure locks currently available, but I hate to see vendors oversell the security of their products.

  4. beachdude:

    Public service site about lock bumping!

  5. James Wade:

    Yeah, maybe you could bump a Medeco M3 but first you have to obtain a keyblank and prep it properly for bumping. Have you tried obtaining a dealer based keyway blank lately? Part of the Medeco security features is the restriction of the keyblanks so in reality, the chances that someone could obtain the keyblanks is slim to none and without the blanks, they cannot bump. Medeco is still the best choice.

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