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27 Responses to “The Reboot: Debut Program”

  1. ~Boss Leidy~:

    Good job!!! Can’t wait to see the next episode :-)

  2. Rio, in your face, about gaming « Scobleizer:

    […] Rio, in your face, about gaming New video gaming show with Rio Pesino. Al Alcorn, co-founder of Atari, is on here. […]

  3. Eddie Codel:

    This is sweet. Very slick, well produced and Rio you are a natural. I’m bummed I missed CA Extreme this year.

  4. Silicon Valley Musings:

    The Reboot - Hot New Gaming Show from PodTech…

    Download here


  5. Joe:

    Grats on the show. Nicely done. Hope to see some PC gaming stuff on here in an upcoming episode.

  6. vruz:

    great work, Rio !

    keep the posts coming !

  7. Cindi:

    I thought this was a well put together show.
    GOOD JOB!!!

  8. James D Kirk:

    I’m not even a gamer, in any way shape or form, and I thought that reboot was a great thing to watch. Now I want to go to CA Xtreme!

    And have to agree that Rio was excellent. Not knowing his background in being a video production star, he was clearly comfortable and confident in front of the camera (and obviously in his ability to kick my butt in any video game). Now if we can get the podtech people to invest in a make up specialist to occasionally give that big, beautiful shaved head of his an occasional powdering during the shoot…

    Good stuff all around. Thinking I might have to make a trip to podtech for the tour to see if they might not be able to provide us with some of their ever improving (though dying ;) ) services! (Oh, and lunch Scoble, don’t forget lunch!)

  9. Troy:

    Great show. I’ll see you online…get ready!

  10. Darold:

    Great first episode; old school rocks!

  11. » Rio, in your face, about gaming:

    […] New video gaming show with Rio Pesino. Al Alcorn, co-founder of Atari, is on here. […]

  12. Rio:

    Thanks for the comments. I’m so glad to finally get this show up and running. If you have any show ideas, feel free to let me know ;)

  13. kenekaplan:

    Very cool! You’re a natural!! Love the intro, cool graphics and nice pacing. You fit tons of interviews in there, too! Nice to hear from the peeps.

  14. Mr. Sinister:

    Finally, a show on gaming that I could actually watch without falling asleep. Nice work and great production to the Reboot crew. The intro is cool and the Warriors sweater gets you uber points with my videogaming geek crew. What about the next time you talk about arcade classics to show some footage on Kung Fu Master. The Reboot & Madden 2008 rules!!!

  15. Fatbelly:

    This is the best gaming show I’ve seen!!!
    Keep them coming. ;)

  16. Corndogg:

    Fantastic job!! Wish you could have done a little stint on RAMPAGE cuz that game was definitely the sh!t. Next time. Haha. But thumbs up to you, brother. Great show! Keep ‘em comin…

  17. yeleek:

    Good job - love the retro. Whens the next one out tho?

  18. Captain Cave Man:

    Rio you never added me on Xbox 360

    You better bring the noise for Need for Speed!

  19. itsSMASHtastic:

    lol u kinda have a habit head tilt to your right side. no biggie just noticed it cuz you’re soooo pretty. Good job though man keep it up.

  20. Linda:

    Rio, was it worth the wait or what? You are awesome! I am so very happy for your success, and that Podtech gave you the “go ahead” to do what you do best … good move!

  21. DoubleKetel:

    Great job - thanks for including the Centipede and Missile Command piece - my kids think I’m a gaming god!!!

  22. vruz:

    great show !!

    more posts by Rio please !!

    yay !!

  23. Rio, in your face, about gaming | Just the top news:

    […] New video gaming show with Rio Pesino. Al Alcorn, co-founder of Atari, is on here. […]

  24. hackenslash » Filipino hosts gaming Web show in US:

    […] Check out the first episode of The Reboot, where Rio goes old school. digg_url=’’; digg_skin = ”; digg_bgcolor = ‘#FFFFFF’; digg_title = ‘Filipino+hosts+gaming+Web+show+in+US’; digg_bodytext = ”; digg_topic = ”; Powered by Gregarious (21) […]

  25. » The Reboot: Debut Episode > The Reboot:

    […] Click here for the external link […]

  26. retro:

    I just love the classics!

  27. Ocho Cinco 85:

    Hey great post man! I found this facebook application for all you madden fans i hop you guys will like it. Ive been using it for about 3 days now and its cool but it needs more fans. Anyone here have Xbox live? Im looking for some more people to demolish. Here is the link Madden 08 Fan Club

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