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5 Responses to “Roger McNamee and Moonalice rockin’ at Union Square”

  1. Tim Sundog:

    Moonalice is one band that is here to stay, and Roger, G.E.Smith, Barry Sless, Jimmy Sanchez, Ann, and Pete Sears are truly into it for the music!

    -Tim Sundog

  2. Diane De M:

    This collection of musicians are sublime. Such incredible talent here! Roger and Ann, thank you for your most beautiful music. You are all a real class act!

  3. Diane De M:

    Ooop! Bad grammar but the same sentiments! The musicians are sublime!!!!!

  4. Diane:

    I’m such a huge fan! I just saw them in San Geronimo and they are incredible! Each member is the very BEST! A wonderful show every time! Love Moonalice!

  5. Frisco, CO Steve:

    This band is really “all about the music”. No fluff, just top notch musicians rockin you. Catch Barry Sless when he plays with Great American Taxi. You won’t be sorry.

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