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5 Responses to “Startups in Bangalore: Babajob”

  1. The Warbler » Blog Archive » Babajob and Babalife:

    […] I don’t think I’m doing his site justice at all, so if you want a better explanation, you can here Sean talk about it here. It is an interesting use of social networks–partly for profit, and partly for actual social betterment. I will probably post more about this later, as Babajob will be profiled in the news in the coming weeks (and I’m sure they’ll do a better job of summing his project up). […]

  2. Hemant Rao:

    do you have any such site in Hyderabad

  3. Ashok Sharma:

    Great work.

    Are you guys planning to expand your reach to Hyderabad?

    Best Wishes.

  4. seema kaul:

    Good attempt.but please guide me what i have to do for hiring a maid.

  5. India’s 450 million « Sri Spot:

    […] is a fee-based job board site kind of like, except they use social networking among high-income people and paid referrals to find jobs for low wage workers who make up the majority of the indian population. here is a podcast by their founder/CEO Blagsvedt (formerly at Microsoft Research) who explain’s the company model/strategy…  babalife is a social network to attract wealthy folks who automatically get signed up for babajobs – the site for jobseekers. […]

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