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2 Responses to “HP Hits Gaming, Multimedia With Product Launch”

  1. Gaming PC’s Issue: Love games? This PC’s.. » The PC Info:

    […] HP Hits Gaming, Multimedia With Product Launch The HP Personal Systems Group recently unveiled its 2008 product line at a celebrity-studded event at Skylight Studios, in Manhattan (and yes, that’s “personal” as in, The Computer is Personal Again). In addition to HP’s new iPAQ … […]

  2. HP Introduces Total Care for SMB | Technology and Entertainment Video Network:

    […] Also on hand for the announcement were the celebrity “achievers” who have made their “faceless” statements in television advertisements spotlighting the adaptability and versatility of HP’s personal computing technology, including Olympic Gold Medalist Snowboarder Shaun White, Tennis Pro and fashion designer Serena Williams, supermodel Petra Nemcova and The Orange County Choppers. Other mobility products and services announced at the “Your Life is the Show” product launch event included the HP Enterprise Mobility Suite; HP iPAQ Custom Touch; HP iPAQ location-based services; and HP iPAQ Mobile Broadband Connect. […]

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