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2 Responses to “There Will Be Blood”

  1. Occam's Radio:

    The building you show in the beginning was not a hospital. It was the DLI
    ( Defense Language Institute ) run by the Army when the Presidio was an active base.

    Also, a 16 minute intro to a 34 minute program? I had to scroll ahead to see if Kenny Howard, the supposed subject of this installment of LTM, would ever speak!

    If you continue to talk and talk and talk movies, perhaps you could let your subjects spesk a little more, and we can read your words, which, to my ear, seem written for print, and not to be read aloud.

    To ask listeners to listen is okay; perhaps you can eliminate the pictures. In busy lives, demanding a half hour or more of someone’s time, especially if you cannot seem to edit yourself, is asking too much.

    Your topics are fascinating, but the form of your message is spoiling the rich fruit which it contains.


  2. Arion Press:

    The Defense Language Institute is located at the Presidio of Monterey. The building shown here is the former Public Health Service Hospital, which the Presidio Trust hopes to redevelop for residential use:

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