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3 Responses to “Video Highlights From IDF SF 2007”

  1. best techno blogs » Video Highlights From IDF SF 2007:

    […] Gordon Moore calls technology the “fundamental enabler” for all other technologies in his live-streamed keynote, available in two videos, here and here. The breadth of technology on display at this year’s Fall IDF in San Francisco confirms the central role that chip technology continues to play in tech advances. Moore’s Law sets the rhythm for what Intel calls its “tick-tock” development of new chip technologies, like this coming year’s Penryn 45-nanometer chips. In this video podcast wrap-up to… Original Post Technology and Entertainment Video Network […]

  2. Laurie Buczek:

    Jason- You are a genius! You captured the essence of IDF and Intel. Thank you!

  3. New Media Signal - Today’s Top Blog Posts on New Media - Powered by SocialRank:

    […] Video Highlights From IDF SF 2007 […]

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