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4 Responses to “David Filo and Christian Heilman of Hackday India in Bangalore”

  1. Daily Connect | Yahoo! hackday in India:

    […] This past weekend, Bangalore was the place to be if you were a hacker. More than 100 hackers from different parts of India participated in Yahoo’s open hackday session, held at the Taj Hotel in Bangalore. via PodTech. Bangalore, David Filo, hackday, hackers indiaPopularity: unranked [?]Share This […]

  2. yahoo » David Filo and Christian Heilman of Hackday India in Bangalore | Technology and Entertainment Video Network:

    […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptRight after the winners were announced I caught up with David Filo and Christian Heilmann to find out what they thought of hackday India, which is the first hackday in Asia and the third in the world. […]

  3. USA, hacked. Europe, hacked. Asia… hacked! - Yodel Anecdotal:

    […] Have a look at the photos that just about capture the energy and enthusiasm that was India Hack Day! And here’s the PodTech podcast I did with Filo. I cannot wait to find out where and when Open Hack Day will strike next. Christian Heilmann Lead Interaction Architect Yahoo! UK […]

  4. best techno blogs » David Filo and Christian Heilman of Hackday India in Bangalore:

    […] Each of the participating teams (31 in all) were given 90 seconds to demo their hack before a panel of se… Original Post Technology and Entertainment Video Network […]

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