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4 Responses to “Talking about video distribution with Tube Mogul”

  1. best techno blogs » Talking about video distribution with Tube Mogul:

    […] Brett Wilson, CEO of Tube Mogul, talks with me about video distribution and analysis. You know, there are a ton of sites you can upload video to and it’s hard to upload and track results through all of those sites. Tube Mogul solves that.Tags: Brett Wilson, Tube Mogul… Original Post Technology and Entertainment Video Network […]

  2. Dave Miller:

    I’ve been using TubeMogul for months and appreciate having the analytics to pitch my services to potential sponsors, but the real amazing part is all the time I save not having to download my videos to each and every site manually, though it is nice to stop by each of the sites every once in a while to watch videos because I want to rather than because I have to.

  3. Michael D. Haltenberger:

    We are proud to have been working with TubeMogul for a few months now to distribute and track our numerous shows. The features and convenience of the site have made what would otherwise be a distribution nightmare into one upload and one click! It is a great site that continues to get better.

  4. Mike Posehn:

    I’ve been using TubeMogul for several months and love it. Uploading is quick and easy and allows me to put my content on many more sites than I did before. Plus the dashboard lets me check on how they are doing on one screen rather than checking each site every day. For example, I just discovered today that my latest vid got 36,000 views on Yahoo. I had no idea, I had only been checking the YouTube views.

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