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One Response to “Seagate CEO Bill Watkins sounds off on why the on-demand world is just getting started”

  1. PodTech Comments from the PodTech Gallery » Podcasts in Press Release - Smart Move by Maxtor (now part of Seagate):

    […] I’m excited that PodTech has been working with Maxtor and Seagate to integrate podcasting across their marketing functions.  Soon corporations will be syndicating out their media from press releases to events.  Now the key to success is for Seagate and companies to continue the conversations.  PodTech’s goal is to build a platform for companies like Seagate to build, link, and expand their media so that they can reach and have conversations with end users.   Previously I did a podcast with Seagate’s CEO - now this is much better than those boring earnings calls.   […]

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