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5 Responses to “Blog Software Trends InfoTalk™ - Matt Mullenweg Wordpress Founder”

  1. danithew:

    Thanks for doing this podcast. It has been a really interesting listen for a longtime fan of WordPress.

  2. dougal:

    For some reason, when I added your feed to my iTunes, the link for Matt’s interview instead gave me the George Gilder interview.

    I also see that it doesn’t show up in the sidebar under “Recent Interviews”, so maybe that’s related?

    The in-page player is nifty, except that it pauses whenever your page isn’t the active application. So I can’t use it to listen in the background while I continue to surf.

  3. Lynn Rambles…….. » WordPress Founder Interview:

    […] Matt Mullenweg Wordpress Founder interview with John Furrier from - The InfoTalk Podcast […]

  4. RedKite » Blog Archive » Getting started with blogs:

    […] The creator of Wordpress Matthew Mullenweg was interviewed by John Furrier which discussed the history behind Wordpress and the intentions for the software in future. […]

  5. Harry:

    Thanks for the informative post.

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