Social Media is Driving Brand Engagement. Are you participating?

With today’s fragmented media and marketing landscape, audiences are spending more time reading vertical-interest blogs, interacting on Facebook, attending live and virtual events, posting their photos on Flickr and sharing their favorite online videos. Everyone is discovering and listening to each other – across all types of platforms and media. Are you listening? Are you involved?

Social Media

Social media is more than just a buzzword – it’s a set of tools that allows marketers to participate in the flow of ideas and conversations that are taking place online in forums ranging from networking sites and blogs to video and photo-sharing sites and even “old media” landmarks like newspapers and TV networks. And because social media is interactive, it’s about more than just creating great content — it’s also about listening to what people are saying, and sometimes what they aren’t saying. It offers an exciting twist on conventional media messaging.

Brand Engagement

Brands that strategically integrate social media with their traditional marketing efforts will build better relationships, gain more influence with their customers, and learn more about their target markets.

We work with our clients to achieve successful brand engagement, strategically integrating social media with their traditional marketing efforts to build better relationships, gain more influence with their customers, and learn more about their target markets. Our methods are carefully tailored to the needs of individual clients and campaigns.

Brand Engagement

Brands that strategically integrate social media with their traditional marketing efforts will build better relationships, gain more influence with their customers, and learn more about their target markets.

    We Engage Your Audience Through

  • Creative video and audio series
  • Access target communities with online video shows and offline events
  • Strategic planning and implementation across social media platforms

We recognize that every company has different resources, unique goals, objectives, and audiences. We are equipped to provide a combination and variety of solutions and services that best suit your needs.


Several PodTech partners wanted to reach out to the community of bloggers attending key industry events like CES and SXSW Interactive.

Working with Seagate, AMD, Microsoft and HP, PodTech created BlogHaus™ as a place where bloggers could produce media, network, and where PodTech's partners could present new products and initiatives.

Intel Core Processor Challenge PC Design

Intel, the number one producer of microprocessors globally, wanted to reinvigorate PC sales by encouraging the industry to break out of the generic ‘beige box syndrome,’ so it developed the Intel Core Processor Challenge design competition. With Intel, PodTech created the People¹s Choice Awards to allow and encourage public participation in the competition. Users were invited to read about the designs, post comments, and vote for their favorite designs. This effort continues to serve as a model for increasing brand engagement in a light-weight, community-oriented social media environment.

The Deal

The Deal explores the impact of corporate and financial transactions on corporate growth and global capital markets. The company wanted to build stronger brand awareness. Working with The Deal, PodTech has strengthened connections with the financial community and increased awareness The Deal's conferences through strategic coverage of key viewpoints at The Deal as well as in-depth interviews with industry leaders.

Intel Developer Forum

People travel from all over the world to attend the Intel Developer Forum. For those who can't travel to be there in person, Intel and PodTech have collaborated to create a robust virtual experience. In-depth interviews with key presenters at the Forum, as well as live streaming of targeted events, have allowed Intel to reach more people virtually than are sometimes there in person.


The HP Personal Systems Group unveiled its 2008 product line in style, at a celebrity-studded event, featuring the glamour of their celebrity "achievers" – including snowboarder Shaun White, tennis pro Serena Williams, supermodel Petra Nemcova and The Orange County Choppers. Also on hand was an impressive array of iPAQ handheld devices, servers, multimedia laptops and the gaming PC, Blackbird 002. HP and PodTech collaborated to document the event and grow online recognition around the company's bold efforts in gaming and multimedia.


Cadence wanted to build a media library around its CDNLive! events. In collaboration with Cadence, PodTech produces audio and video interviews featuring Cadence executives along with executives and industry leaders from Cadence's partners. The media library is available online at Cadence's Website.


BearingPoint consultants translate market and technology challenges into opportunities for their clients. Working with BearingPoint, PodTech created a series of podcasts to introduce listeners to the value of the BearingPoint expertise. The weekly podcast series is showcased on BearingPoint's Website.


Telecommunications hardware, software and service provider Alcatel-Lucent does business all over the globe. Increasingly, the company is investing in technology in developing nations. When Alcatel-Lucent and Intel announced their collaboration on issues around broadband access in the developing world at GK3 in Malaysia, PodTech spread the news in an audio and video series, and tied the coverage into a larger story involving global development challenges and the role that technology is playing.

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