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Show IconTechnology is critical to SMB success. In this popular series, HP executives discuss innovations in life cycle management and other HP products and services. From new developments in energy-efficient computing to managing security concerns and HP's Total Care for SMB, HP helps all of its customers get the maximum value out of IT.

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  • Episode the-reboot-pc-vs-console

    The Reboot: PC vs Console

    07:51 | Rio Pesino | Feb 4th, 2008 12:01am

    What is the best gaming system, the PC or the Console? For years, gamers have argued over which has the better controls, graphics, gameplay and longevity. In this video podcast episode of The Reboot, host Rio Pesino talks to Chris Paladino, online community manager for Xbox, pro gamer Johnathan Fatal1ty Wendel …

  • Episode hp-ipaqs-notebooks-help-small-and-medium-businesses-with-mobility

    HP iPAQs, Notebooks Help Small and Medium Businesses with Mobility

    04:07 | Catherine Girardeau | Jan 28th, 2008 5:00am

    In this video podcast, find out how HP’s line of handheld PCs and business notebooks bring mobility and connectivity to SMBs, and how HP Total Care helps business users get the experience they need from their mobile devices. HP’s notebook portfolio has expanded, with offerings designed for small business users with a fresh look. …

  • Episode a-tour-of-hps-smarthouse

    A tour of HP's SmartHouse

    34:34 | Robert Scoble | Jan 17th, 2008 12:04pm

    HP might have started in a garage but lately they’ve moved their coolest stuff into a SmartHouse. We get a tour of the SmartHouse, which is really a place they can test out concepts and, also, demonstrate their latest products to customers, partners, and the media.

  • Episode intel-and-hp-discuss-latest-in-energy-efficient-computing

    Intel and HP Discuss Latest in Energy-Efficient Computing

    16:44 | Catherine Girardeau | Nov 9th, 2007 12:30pm

    Energy management and energy efficiency in data centers: Intel and HP are working together to save energy and money while boosting computing performance. The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is one way that Intel and HP are working to create sustainable high-performance technology for the enterprise. How do the energy management capabilities achieved by deploying …

  • Episode hp-introduces-total-care-for-smb

    HP Introduces Total Care for SMB

    02:57 | Michael Johnson | Nov 5th, 2007 5:37pm

    At their recent launch in New York City, HP Total Care took the spotlight, announcing a program designed to ease IT challenges for the full lifecycle of an HP purchase. HP Total Care’s aim is to provide before, during and after- purchase support, making it easier for companies to focus on their products …

  • Episode security-with-manny-and-malcolm-of-hp-and-intel

    Security with Manny and Malcolm of HP and Intel

    15:38 | Jason Lopez | Oct 25th, 2007 4:03pm

    What’s new in security? In this podcast Intel’s Malcolm Harkins and HP’s Manny Novoa chat about the latest issues in security technologies, notably the emergence of hardware assisted virtualization. They also discuss, with PodTech’s Jason Lopez, coping with zero-day threats and the benefits of automated management of PC fleets. Related Stories: IntelSecurity

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