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Show IconIntel consistently challenges the laws of physics as it advances chip technology, leading the industry in advances in technology, education, culture, manufacturing and social responsibility. From behind-the-scenes looks into building 45-nanometer chips to breaking news updates on the products that will take advantage of the newest advances in chip technology, find out directly from the experts at Intel.

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  • Episode vmworld-2008-intel-keynote-collaboration-for-leading-virtualization-deployments

    VMworld 2008: Intel Keynote - Collaboration for Leading Virtualization Deployments

    03:49 | editor | Nov 25th, 2008 5:00am

    Intel’s Doug Fisher and VMware CTO Steve Herrod met at VMworld 2008 to discuss the collaboration between Intel and VMware that will continue deliver leading virtualization deployments. Fisher is vice president, software and solutions group and general manager of SSG’s Systems Software Division. For more information, expert advice and answers, and the latest Xeon series blogs …

  • Episode vmworld08-xeon-7400-series-leading-performance-with-ibm

    VMWorld08: XEON 7400 Series: Leading Performance with IBM

    02:18 | editor | Nov 20th, 2008 5:00am

    Intel’s Xeon 7400-series processor made a solid impact in 2008, with multiple top scores in benchmark surveys and powerful implementations. What does it mean for virtualization performance, especially as the enterprise moves toward virtualizing its most critical applications with a new generation of virtualization technology? In this video podcast, IBM’s Robert Zuber speaks with Beth …

  • Episode pci-express-30-intel-chip-chat-episode-36

    PCI Express 3.0* Intel Chip Chat - Episode 36

    07:18 | editor | Nov 19th, 2008 12:01am

    PCIe 3.0 will double the bandwidth of the previous generation of this I/O interconnect and will improve power management of platforms - from notebooks to new generation servers.

  • Episode intel-and-vmware-virtualization-20

    Intel and VMware: Virtualization 2.0

    03:01 | editor | Nov 18th, 2008 5:00am

    At VMWorld 2008, “Virtualization 2.0″ was the talk of the show. Intel’s Andy Fields met up with Dave Martin from VMware to discuss the collaboration between the two companies, and to explain the impacts of the newsmaking Dunnington release on enabling virtualization. For more information, expert advice and answers, and the latest Xeon series blogs and [...]

  • Episode intel-and-sun-business-intelligence-accelerator

    Intel and Sun: Business Intelligence Accelerator

    02:18 | editor | Nov 13th, 2008 9:30pm

    Time is money. BI Accelerator speeds database query response times by 10x to 100x. Here, Scott Allen, of the SAP Alliance Team at Intel, talks with Sun Microsystem’s Gilly Clough. Clough is a principal SAP architect, and they discuss the advantages that Intel blades bring to Sun’s offerings around the Business Intelligence Accelerator and …

  • Episode intels-core-i7

    Intel's Core i7

    05:57 | Jason Lopez | Nov 13th, 2008 3:30pm

    The Core i7 microprocessor (built on Intel’s Nehalem microarchitecture) represents a major advance in computing to enable chips to handle more data. In this video podcast, Ronak Singhal, a lead architect on Nehalem, says the chip design is an overhaul–the internal core has been changed significantly for added performance, as well as for better energy [...]

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