StampYourBalls Ball Stamp Review

We all know marking  y our golf ball is important. You don’t want to be that guy/gal that hits the wrong ball.  Stampyourballs  is an amazingly easy and effective way to mark your golf balls and avoid playing the wrong ball.  Currently Stampyourballs  offers  60 designs to choose from.  

JPX EZ Irons Review

Mizuno’s reputation has always been producing some of the best performing irons on market.  Mizuno’s expansion beyond the better players market into the game improvement and Max game improvement markets with the JPX line of irons is a sure fire winner.

As the resident Max Game Improvement tester, I can confidently lead out and say that the JPX EZ irons are easily some of my favorite irons that I have tested. 

SKLZ Mini Bands Review

Everyone always hears the same thing when it comes to a golf swing, fundamentals. Some fundamentals are well known and ingrained into us, some are not so well known or lost in translation. But some core fundamentals are stability and balance. Without a good foundation you will lack consistency.

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