Talking about XML with Tim Bray, XML’s co-creator

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Even Tim Bray is blown away at the popularity of XML. He was one of the co-creators of the XML spec back in the mid 1990s and in this audio interview he and I talk about the state of XML and get his views on what the future holds for XML and other derivative formats like RSS and Atom.

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    […] In de eerste serie video’s praat hij met Jonathan Schwartz, CEO van Sun Microsystems, bekijkt hij een demo van JotSpot (wiki), heeft hij een audio interview met de ontwerper van XML, is er een language war, een conversatie met twee CEO’s in het Ritz hotel van Half Moon Bay, een tour van Printing for Less en een interview met Shai Agassi van SAP. […]

  2. Pig Pen - Web Standards Compliant Web Design Blog » Blog Archive » Talking About XML With Tim Bray Says:

    […] Talking About XML With Tim Bray - I’ll have to listen to this podcast later, its 14.7 MB by the way. […]

  3. John Tokash’s Blog » ScobleShow Says:

    […] Discussing slower computers as a power-saving measure to cut enterprise server costs, Tim Bray mentioned that concurrency will soon be a big thing for back end programmers. We deal with concurrency a lot when writing UI code and he’s right: it adds complexity. I’d like to hear more from Tim about this topic. […]

  4. Laurence Samuels Says:

    I cant seem to download this. I get “Additional plugins are required to display all media on this page”. I clicked on “Install Missing Plugins”, it went to Apple Quicktime, I installed Quicktime, came back to your interview, doubleclicked that again, and I still got the same thing. What are these plugins? Why cant we be able to download this, and can you send me a copy?


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