JotSpot: Enterprise Wiki Service

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Every week we’ll run a demo of a product you might not have tried yet. When I shoot these I tell the person doing the demo that they have to keep it short. But it’s a good way to see a new technology product every week (or maybe more) without having to sign up or install or buy anything.

If you have a product you think would be good to demo on the ScobleShow, please email me at

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  1. Introducing ScobleShow « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] 1) An interview with a CEO. Sun Microsystems’ Jonathan Schwartz.2) A demo of a new product. JotSpot, which is an Enterprise Wiki service that you might like.3) A creative segment called “Photowalking” where we follow around Thomas Hawk as he makes images. This is actually the first of four segments (the others will be up probably tomorrow — this was more than an hour alone, so had to break it up a bit).4) An audio interview with a geek. Tim Bray, co-creator of XML.5) A language war in my mom’s house at Off-the-Grid. Something fun to spark a conversation.6) Mad mojitos at the Ritz. A conversation with two CEOs on the back deck of the Ritz in Half Moon Bay.7) A tour of Printing for Less. This should be in Business Week.8) SAP’s executive star Shai Agassi talking about business. […]

  2. Daniel Says:

    Great quality video, interesting guests, letting the stories tell themselves, I like it!

    Best wishes on The Scoble Show. You will create a formidible library of work.

  3. Eerste ‘aflevering’ Scoble Show beschikbaar | - Information Engineer in het Wild Says:

    […] In de eerste serie video’s praat hij met Jonathan Schwartz, CEO van Sun Microsystems, bekijkt hij een demo van JotSpot (wiki), heeft hij een audio interview met de ontwerper van XML, is er een language war, een conversatie met twee CEO’s in het Ritz hotel van Half Moon Bay, een tour van Printing for Less en een interview met Shai Agassi van SAP. […]

  4. Dylan Bennett Says:

    Very cool, but I’d love to see more about the people behind JotSpot. That’s a really slick web app, but who are the guys who made it? I bet they are just as interesting.

  5. Robert Scoble Says:

    Dylan: we’ll have a more in-depth interview with Joe next week.

  6. JesseCiccone Says:

    I am a new JotSpot user (like 4 days) and am definitely a fan. Been having trouble accessing the site all day, tho, so was beginning to look for alternatives.

    The fact that you chose to highlight this particular app convinced me to be patient for another day.

    Thanks for the info and best of luck with the new venture!

  7. Ed Says:

    Just trying out JotSpot - looks like an amazing application, just a shame that clicking create does sweet f. a. at the moment…I live in hope.

  8. Rodney Rumford Says:

    This was great. I really like the short Demo format and it was very informative. Many people still do not have a clue what a WIKI is and this was actually a pretty cool product demo (looks like what people are familiar with. ie. calenders).

    It would be intersting to have a follow up interview with the guys behind the company and a little history/background about how the product evolved to it’s current state.

    Great Job and I wish you and John all the success that you guys deserve at

    Rodney Rumford

  9. Robert Scoble Says:

    Rodney: next week we’ll have an interview with Joe Krauss. It’s pretty good too.

  10. » Blog Archive » JotSpot Demo on the ScobleShow Says:

    […] Robert Scoble spent some time at the JotSpot office and recorded this cool demo of JotSpot 2.o for the debut of The ScobleShow on PodTech. Watch the video here. […]

  11. DJ Says:

    Adding content-based pages and calling it a wiki is no more accurate than having wiki’s in sharepoint and calling sharepoint a wiki. I thought it was interesting though that someone in the wiki world woke up and realized that interfacing all information content as text doesn’t makes sense.

  12. See a demo of what JotSpot sold to Google today « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] My interview with Joe Kraus, just a couple of months ago, is here. Here is a demo of JotSpot that Joe did. […]

  13. Google Buys JotSpot « Common Dream Says:

    […] Google has purchased JotSpot. I’m pumped about that because JotSpot will now be a free service. I’ve been keeping an eye on JotSpot since there was a demo of it on Scoble Show. […]

  14. BMID Innovation_Technology_Design » Google kauft Jotspot - Spot on! Says:

    […] Jotspot as a wiki provider has integrated some amazing features and applications in their hosted wiki offering, CEO Joe Kraus demonstrated some of them a few weeks ago on the Scoble Show (here’s the corresponding interview). […]

  15. links for 2006-11-02 « Can you believe I have another blog? Says:

    […] JotSpot: Enterprise Wiki Service | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers A video showing the JotSpot Wiki service. JotSpot was purchased by Google. (tags: web2.0 article temp online onlinetool collaboration wiki google) […]

  16. PR, CSR and Reputation » JotSpot is Hot Says:

    […] You can view Robert Scoble’s segment with Joe Kraus here. […]

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