Jonathan Schwartz on why Sun Microsystems is relevant

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Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, sat down with me recently to talk about a wide range of topics from trends in the datacenter to why he thinks more CEOs should blog.

Every week on the ScobleShow I’ll try to get to a different CEO and learn more about their business. Not everyone will be a big company like Sun Microsystems. If you’d like to get your CEO on the show, please write me at

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117 Responses to “Jonathan Schwartz on why Sun Microsystems is relevant”

  1. Innocent Observer Says:

    Where’s the video of Schwartz? What’s up?

  2. Phillip Molly Malone Says:

    Man, what a great array of guest and topics to start the site. Does the RSS feed support BitTorrent?


  3. Introducing ScobleShow « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] 1) An interview with a CEO. Sun Microsystems’ Jonathan Schwartz.2) A demo of a new product. JotSpot, which is an Enterprise Wiki service that you might like.3) A creative segment called “Photowalking” where we follow around Thomas Hawk as he makes images. This is actually the first of four segments (the others will be up probably tomorrow — this was more than an hour alone, so had to break it up a bit).4) An audio interview with a geek. Tim Bray, co-creator of XML.5) A language war in my mom’s house at Off-the-Grid. Something fun to spark a conversation.6) Mad mojitos at the Ritz. A conversation with two CEOs on the back deck of the Ritz in Half Moon Bay.7) A tour of Printing for Less. This should be in Business Week.8) SAP’s executive star Shai Agassi talking about business. […]

  4. Hanan Cohen Says:

    Does Jonathan Schwartz has a ponytail? It seems like he has.

    People are sometimes more interesting from behind. Think how you can use video for showing people from other angles than “front”.

    And good luck with the show!

  5. Zadi Diaz Says:

    Robert, the quality is really great. I’m glad you’re covering CEOS - really interesting subjects. The one thing I would suggest is cutting in visuals of what your interviewees are talking about to make the video (size) worthwile. Otherwise an audio podcast would have been just as informative. Though, I did like seeing how cool this dude looked. Looking forward to more. :)

  6. Manish Says:

    I am having lots of problems downloading the mov file. It gets interrupted in between and then starts over from the beginning. Can you please make it resumable?

  7. frEdSCAPEs Says:

    ScobleShow gestart…

    Mentioned the launch of ScobleShow on this blog….

  8. Stephan Says:

    Hi Robert,

    Good to see you picking up old habits again… ;-)

    Will you be publishing the audio feeds seperately as well? I would like to listen to a lot of these interviews while using my visual cortex for more mundane issues… The experiences is richer when you actually see people’s gestures, but audio sure is the next best thing.

    Keep it up!

    - Stephan

  9. Paul Stamatiou Says:

    Kudos on the new venture Robert!

  10. Sudhakar Says:

    01. I am not able to download this mov file…(getting service unavailable)

    02. I dont like mov files..(I dont have quicktime)

    03. I love the way you have presented videos on C9

  11. Didier DURAND Says:


    Is it also possible to just have the audio track in mp3 format for this one and all upcoming ones?

    It would be dangerous to watch videos when driving my car…



  12. Phil Says:

    Hi Robert,

    Can’t seem to subscribe nor find the ScobleShow on iTunes?

    The Subscribe PodShow system launches a blank Podcast inside iTunes, and a search shows no results for “ScobleShow”.

    Hope ya get it sorted. Looks like some good vids.

  13. Eerste ‘aflevering’ Scoble Show beschikbaar | - Information Engineer in het Wild Says:

    […] In de eerste serie video’s praat hij met Jonathan Schwartz, CEO van Sun Microsystems, bekijkt hij een demo van JotSpot (wiki), heeft hij een audio interview met de ontwerper van XML, is er een language war, een conversatie met twee CEO’s in het Ritz hotel van Half Moon Bay, een tour van Printing for Less en een interview met Shai Agassi van SAP. […]

  14. Says:

    Scoble Show…

    Robert Scoble just posted on channel9, that his Scoble Show is finally up and running . Looks like the first set of videos is very interesting. The Jonathan Swartz interview should be good, also will take a look at jotspot, seems to be an interesting …

  15. JesseCiccone Says:

    Two for two, Robert…I loved the Schwartz interview (I also appreciated the Jotspot bit).

    Wish I could’ve heard the questions more clearly, tho.

  16. michael Says:

    How in touch is this guy? He thinks Americans are buying $5,000 PCs??

  17. Adam Says:

    Nice interview. It would have been better if you had better mic coverage for yourself. I had a hard time making out what you were saying.

  18. John Henry Thompson Says:

    Informative interview.
    One comment: It was hard to make out what your were saying most of the time.

  19. Preston L. Bannister Says:

    Two problems:
    1) The filename as downloaded by Firefox makes QuickTime unhappy.
    2) The file is apparently corrupted about half way through.

    Very nice quality on the video otherwise. :)

  20. syawal Says:


    Any MP4s format and just a suggestion; the making of scobleshow or bloopers perhaps for each episodes?

  21. Thyaga Says:

    The link is very slow - you might consider putting the link at a high-speed ISP?

    Good luck with your show.

    – Thyaga

  22. Thomas Lee Says:

    A great interview, but please can the the interviewer stop giggling?

  23. Blog Business Summit Says:

    A Follow-Up Questions on the First Entry in Scoble’s New Vlog: Must the CEO Blog?…

    Blog Business Summit conference speaker Robert Scoble has started an awesome new vlog where he chats with CEO’s of geek-oriented companies. Yesterday, he posted his first interview with Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz who blogs from &#8220…

  24. Rocklah! » Blog Archive » Sun, You’ve Been Scobleized! Says:

    […] Some noteable highlights of his show so far is an interview with Johnathon Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, and a fun chat with Tim Bray, co-creator of XML, one of the foundations of “Web 2.0″. […]

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    […] Robert Scoble hat ein neues Videoblog mit Namen ScobleShow. Im ersten Beitrag interviewt er Jonathan Schwartz von SUN. Tags: Advertising, alphablogger, audiobooks, Branding, gamer, Graffiti, heinz, Marketing, mundpropaganda, nikowitsch, Politik, Print, schwartz, scoble, spot, sun, t com, tennis, trnd, videoblog, wahrheit […]

  26. Rocklah! » Blog Archive » Sun, You’ve Been Scobleized! Says:

    […] Some noteable highlights of his show so far is an interview with Johnathon Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, and a fun chat with Tim Bray, co-creator of XML, one of the foundations of “Web 2.0″. […]

  27. Stylewalker Says:

    Great interview, I like to listen to Mr Schwartz, but:
    While Jonathan’s microfone delivers a good quality of what he says, it’s hard to understand your questions.

    Besides, it’s a little irritating that we only see him but not you. Maybe you can think about a microphone put in the middle of you and the interviewed partner and have both of you in the picture. Moreover, like this it would be more like a conversation.

    Keep up the good work!

    Did you see LoicleMeur interviewing Joi Ito? A very well done example of a video conersation:

  28. Stylewalker.Net - Music. Lifestyle. Science » Geeky videointerviews Says:

    […] Robert Scoble started a videoblog with interviewing Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO […]

  29. Basic Thinking Blog » ScobleShow Says:

    […] Und gleich zum Start ein spannender CEOler im Videointerview: Jonathan Schwartz von SUN […]

  30. Aaron Says:

    The interviewers volume is so much lower than the interviewee it’s hard to listen to at a good volume. Other than that, great stuff!

  31. Manish Says:


  32. Robert Scoble has ScobleShow and Wodpress support Odeo « Dario Salvelli’s Blog Says:

    […] The importance of Podcasting: Robert Scoble launch ScobleShow, a vpod about technology and Internet with many interventions and interviews of different CEO to learn about business and the new standard: you can watch o download the video content. The last vpod is with Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems. Today there is also another news about Podcast. Now Wordpress support Odeo, the platform that i have already talk about here. In order to use Odeo in Wordpress you have only copy and past the URL in your address bar like this: […]

  33. stuart @ amanzi » Blog Archive » No laughing in the ScobleShow Says:

    […] I started watching Robert Scoble’s new show today, aptly name the ScobleShow. I like it. I watched the first episode with Jonathan Schwartz, who is the approachable CEO of Sun Microsystems. Jonathan is passionate about Sun and its technology and it comes across in the interview. Heck, I want to build something big just so I can use a Thumper!! […]

  34. Jared Evans Says:

    This sucks for one big reason! No closed captioning or subtitles!!!! Are you leaving us Deaf people out of your videocasts?

    Did you know that Apple Quicktime supports subtitles?

    Check out to see how it’s done right!

    Geez! Get on with the program!

  35. cindy Says:

    This sounds like it would be an interesting ‘cast to listen to, but I need the captioning available as well. If people are concerned about bandwidth, perhaps offer a choice of downloads. But accessibility should be a concern for video and pod casts alike.


  36. John Tokash’s Blog » ScobleShow Says:

    […] Referring to all the game changing advancements coming to the automobile industry and how big car companies could get really beaten by the competition if they don’t pursue the right set of technologies, Jonathan Schwartz says he’s glad Sun doesn’t have to worry about that kind of problem.  “I don’t worry about that other internet coming out.” […]

  37. David Says:

    cool, will cell phones and video really take off? Is there enough bandwidth?

  38. ScobleShow: Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz » Personal Insights on Web 2.0, Blogging, and Business Says:

    […] I just watched Robert Scoble’s interview with Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz and it was very insightful. I’ll definitely be tuning into future interviews on the Scoble Show (this was the 1st one). Sun’s biggest challenge according to Jonathan? Getting the word out to the developer and IT community. Given that I love the future prospects of Salesforce, another thing I found interesting was how impressed he seemed with (one of their larger clients). I agree with his point that more and more small businesses are going to start turning to salesforce to handle their CRM needs rather than try to develop something in-house. How does this help Sun you might ask? Economies of scale- as an example, it is more efficient for Sun to work with very large datacenters than to try to help a small flower shop build a system to handle their own IT needs. […]

  39. Robert Scoble Says:

    Jared, this is on my list of things to do. I’m very sorry, but I’m overworked and letting things drop on the floor.

  40. Cornelius Puschmann Says:

    Great stuff, Robert! Keep this up and will leave CNN and company shaking in their boots soon. Nope, I’m not kidding either. Vidcasting might just kill the TV, even if it takes a while.

    P.S. You should take a break before things get too crazy. We need Robert Scoble sane and in good health. ;-)

  41. Interested Says:

    Hey, Robert, I can barely hear your questions. Please buy another mic! Otherwise it was a great interview. Good work!

  42. Nontrivial Exercises » Blog Archive » Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Makes a Compelling Argument for Sun’s Future Says:

    […] Robert Scoble published an edition of his new ScobleShow on PodTech last week with an interview with Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz. Scoble’s first question got right to the heart of what a lot of people are wondering: “Why does Sun matter?” […]

  43. Jared Evans Says:

    Robert, I’m looking forward to the day that your show has subtitles. It will be greatly appreciated by many others.

  44. saotome Says:

    I’m still not convinced that opening the JVM and java compilers will not bring fragmentation to the technology more sooner than later. We will have a situation analogous to the linux distributions. They are all “equivalent products” and share a lot of the same code and technology, but they are fundamentally incompatible with one another.

    There is a Java certification which needs to be passed before you can call your implementation “Java”, but this measure will only mitigate the issue. There will still be other implementations that will not use the trademark directly, but offer similar services. And when these implementations fail at offering the expected level of service, “Java” as a whole will be to blame, not that particular implementation.

    In any case, I hope that I’m wrong.

  45. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Answering questions about Podtech, Also the view from an Outsider going In. Says:

    […] I send very interested folks links to the Podtech site, often to the famous Johnathan Schwartz interview (the first question, “Why does Sun Matter” really sets the tone, Marketing voices, GeekTV, and the blogs. […]

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  49. Is the Google approach to tagging correct? | Dr. Doubt ! Says:

    […] But this interview with Jonathan Schwartz, he has used the following keywords: Technology, Tech Execs, Sun Microsystems. […]

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  75. Jonathan Scwartz Says:

    […] Robert Scoble’s podcast featuring Sun’s CEO Jonathan Scwartz is pretty interesting. He seems like an interesting fellow, at least far more interesting that I thought he is. ( I really like Sun. I mean, I really do. Problem is, so much potential - - so many great ideas and technologies - - that is always untapped. For no real reason. ). […]

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  115. Robert Half International » Blog Archive » Examples of Top Rated Blogs and Corporate Blogs Says:

    […] There are some very well known blogs that include: Jonathan Schwartz’s blog at Sun ( Jonathan Schwartz on why Sun Microsystems is relevant | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers) and General Motors blog from Bob Lutz (GM FastLane Blog: Saturn: Product Will Reign). […]

  116. Recruitment Views » Blog Archive » Candidate follow up or how’s Robert Scoble doing? Says:

    […] So as to keep up the theme of recruitment, one of the videos was about the CEO of Sun Microsystems (Jonathan Schwartz), and another a tour of Printing for less (a possible lead there for some of you recruiters). Having watched these videos you couldn’t help feel how the video portrayed their company in a completely differently light, by showing a more human face let alone a look around their offices. I am sure it would motivate many prospective candidates to join their organisations if they were looking […]

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