Demo of Flock: your next browser?

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Geoffrey Arone is the co-founder of Flock, which is a new browser that’s based on the same open-source engine that powers Firefox. Why do we need yet another browser? Geoffrey demonstrates that Flock integrates in services like Flickr photo sharing and bookmarking, which makes the browser more useful.

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    […] you the coolest features of the latest version. I love a good demo, and this one is great. I’m the monkey running the camera, filmed this for the ScobleShow. I thought the demo idea wouldbe stupid, but I like how these are coming out. What do you think? Filed under: blogging @ 12:57 am # […]

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    […] […]

  3. Steve Says:

    Very cool demo. I’ve been hearing a lot about Flock but never took the time to download it and check it out. I love how they’re taking advantage of so many API’s out there to build an integrated experience within the browser. Cool stuff.

  4. ewH Says:

    Flock looks nice. I downloaded and it looks like it takes advantage of Firefox type features such as extensions and themes as well.

    I do like the demo idea, keep ‘em coming.


  5. Sean Howard Says:

    Your demos are one of the BEST parts of the Scoble Show!

    Please keep them coming!

  6. Granville Barnett : Another browser??!! - Flock Says:

    […] the guys from Flock on his Scoble Show here. Share this post: Email it! | bookmark it! | digg it! | reddit! Published Sunday, October 08, 2006 3:35 PM by Granville Filed under: RandomBabblings […]

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    […]  Une vidéo démo est disponible sur […]

  8. Moritz Schroeder Says:

    Nice demo, I have recently started to use flock and like especially the ease of integrating photos into wordpress posts. One feature is great: As Aaron said in the video, you can drag and drop photos, either small or big. What’s nice about the big one, is that it seems to resize the photo to optimal width for wordpress. Saves a lot of time manually resizing pics.

    Does Anybody know anything about Aaron’s great keyboard?

  9. Moritz Schroeder Says:

    I meant Geoffrey, not Aaron ;-)

  10. Flock it! « take 1 moment Says:

    […] ScobleShow on PodTech has a nice video demo. […]

  11. Laws Says:

    Is Flock having multiple tabs feature?

  12. Hillary Says:

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  13. Users Guide to the Flock Web Browser at Kyle’s Cove Says:

    […] If your still not convinced to give Flock a try, check out this 7 minute video demonstration of Flock. […]

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    […] Flock Rules Demo of Flock: your next browser? | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers […]

  15. Flock fan Says:

    I use flock, and I love it. I’m curious, though, Robert (and others)… From 2004 to 2005 Firefox had something like 100 million downloads. In the past year, how many has Flock had? 1 million or 2 million? Will it make it? Why hasn’t it taken off liek Firefox? Is it because it’s still in Beta?

  16. Introducing the Flock Browser for Mac/Windows/Linux, it’s like Firefox but more socially acceptable….and better! | Cormac Moylan Says:

    […] You can check out Flock’s co-founder, Geoffary Arone, giving a demo of some of the features of flock in this video interview. The video features an older release of Flock and some of the footage is dated but it gives an insight into some more of the features of Flock. […]

  17. Francisco Tomé Costa » Flock, o Browser Social Says:

    […] Se depois desta explicação um pouco exautiva ainda não te sentes convencido a mudar ou a pelo menos experimentar, dá uma vista de olhos neste video demonstrativo do Flock (7 minutos de duração). […]

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