Editing your movies with Cuts’ CEO

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Evan Krauss had a problem - his kids were scared by certain parts of certain movies. So he wanted to cut them out, but found that the process of doing that (ripping the DVDs onto his computer, then using editing software, then saving the movie back to a DVD) was too hard and time consuming. Solution? Cuts. Here he talks about what Cuts does and why he thinks it’s important. We caught him preparing for a big demo at the famous Demo conference.

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  1. Meet another entrepreneur: Evan Krauss of Cuts « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] a 13 minute interview). Cuts makes a system that lets you edit movies. Turns out there’s a lot of parents out there who want to cut out violent or sexual material from the moviestheir kids see and Cuts lets you do it. It also lets you mashup your own movie compilations. Filed under: blogging @ 11:14 pm # […]

  2. John Koetsier Says:

    Do I really want to do this myself, or do I want it to be done for me before I rent/buy the DVD?

    I trust the answer is obvious.

  3. Scoble’s video podcasts: half a show at Sparkplug 9 >> bizhack Says:

    […] For instance, today he mentioned that he’s talked to Even Krauss of Cuts, a movie editing service. The video is great quality, and Evan is interesting and articulate. Great. Excellent. […]

  4. Because I can, does not mean that I should. « [tweblog.com] - Toby Getsch Says:

    […] I just learned about Cuts through The ScobleShow.  I had this annoying twinge of disagreement while watching.  So, I looked further to find the Cuts Blog.  There I found a good post called, “It may be legal, but is it right?“  I think differently about this topic than they do.  I added my comment to the post. […]

  5. Steve Hiner Says:

    They certainly aren’t the first company to do this (as he says in the interview).

    I was a beta tester for and user of MovieMask years ago. It did exactly the same thing.

    MovieMask is gone now (which sucks because it was really great to have) so I wish Cuts all the best of luck. I’d love to have the option of editing DVDs again so my kids can watch them.

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