Sphere CEO demos new blogsearch bookmarklet

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Tony Conrad, Sphere’s CEO (they make a nice blog search engine) shows me a cool new bookmarklet for bloggers that can help you figure out who is talking about a specific topic.

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  1. Tour Engadget guy’s cribb « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] on ScobleShow is Sphere’s CEO showing off a cool new bookmarklet for bloggers and the CEO of Become.com, showing offits new shopping search engine. Filed under: blogging @ 2:13 pm # […]

  2. Spherementing with PodTech « Sphere Says:

    […] A few weeks before we launched our contextual widget, I had a chance to show a working version (more like a rough draft) of the widget to Robert Scoble at PodTech. This is an early version that shows it working in a live site via a cool little Firefox grease monkey app we hacked together. Anyway, here is the video¬†. […]

  3. True Ventures » Sphere’s New Widget Says:

    […] Sphere has a great new bookmarklet for bloggers. Sphere CEO Demos New Blogsearch Bookmarklet, ScobleShow, October 18, 2006 […]

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