Microsoft Zune in depth

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Microsoft’s iPod competitor, Zune, will be released on November 14. Matt Jubelirer is product manager for the Zune project. We spoke with him to get an in-depth look at Zune.

Click here for transcript.

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  1. Microsoft Zune in depth « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] Last time I was at Microsoft I met with the Zune team and got this in-depth look at Zune (the iPod competitor). […]

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  3. Joseph Scott Says:

    For being the product manager he sure doesn’t know much about the specifics of the device. When Scoble asked about the resolution of the screen he didn’t know. That just strikes me as odd.

    Anyone can be put in front of a camera and say that this is great and looks cool, but the reason you interview “people in the know” is to get details. I wasn’t that impressed.

    Over use of the term product.

    So wireless sharing is supposed to be a killer feature, but they didn’t have two available to test this?

  4. zune scene Says:

    That was odd that inside Zune headquaters there was no second zune to be found. Also, the zune product manager didn’t know the screen resolution but the interviewer did. Otherwise this was a great interview for people just learning about the zune for the first time.

  5. bobo Says:

    good interview. wow. it looks a lot, lot cooler than the ipod. i like the radio, social aspect, huge screen and the subscription option. i think most people will really like it. finally we have a real alternative to the ipod.

  6. madhu Says:

    hi robert,
    i just wanted to say a couple of comments…

    1. how many diff computers can u connect to with a single zune
    2. why not give the mic, to the guy who is talking… i found myself walking back to the pc all the time to put down the volume, and then put it up.. or maybe try to get a bluetooth mic for the other guy.. it might be a great one…
    3. and just curious, what camera do u use, and what software do u use to convert the video to mov..?

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    […] PodTech does Zune By Thomas Brock PodTech’s ScobleShow does an interview with Microsoft’s Zune project manager, Matt Jubelirer. […]

  8. A (Video) Look at the Zune « Matt’s Geek Log Says:

    […] Robert Scoble just released a video interviewing the Product manager of the Zune team Matt Jubelirer. They explore and talk about some basics of how the Zune works and what features are available. Scoble points out one thing in the video that is very cool and that is the Subscription service that the Zune Marketplace will have. Unlike other services *cough* *cough* like iTunes you will be able to purchase a subscription for 14.99 a month and will be able to download as many songs as you like from the “millions” of songs available on the Zune Marketplace. One thing funny I find in this video is that they can’t find another Zune to demonstrate sharing music between players yet their at the Zune Headquarters. Though through some parts of the video you want to fall asleep as the Product manager goes on and on about experience and the community aspect of the Zune, overall it’s a good look at the Zune Player. Also, the Zune is to hit stores the 14th of November. […]

  9. Eric Nordberg Says:

    So I think this product is a real step forward (compared to *other* products). I think the PM mentioned something powerful - remove the hardware and let the content drive the interface. Doesn’t that just scream “touchscreen” (i.e. no D-pad or scroll-wheel)? Maybe it’s just me. Also, isn’t it a little “wonky” that you can choose a picture for your background but when you choose it it’s in landscape mode and when it displays it’s in portrait mode - Grrrr….that’s silly - it should have the photo display in the same way, right? Isn’t that disappointing in some ways (to have your photo automagically chopped)?

  10. John Walker Says:

    Cool video and I think Zune is interesting. I just wish the marketing guy had a sense of humor :)

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    […] … by asking right questions in his interivew with Microsoft about Zune. […]

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    […] Former Microsoftie and rising videoblogger Robert Scoble went back to Microsoft to interview Matt Jubelirer, product manager for the Zune media player. The video is embedded after the jump, or go check it out at […]

  13. Robert Scoble Says:

    madhu: I only have two microphones, sorry. Dealing with audio is quite a skill and one I’m still working on. Most TV networks have people who just do audio. I don’t have that ability right now.

    I use a Sony ZV1 or something like that. It’s a $4,000 HD camcorder.

    I use a Macintosh with Final Cut Express HD to edit and prepare the videos.

  14. I.T's Just Business Says:

    Zune, Scoble and the All Blacks…

    In Robert Scoble’s in depth look at the Zune he is wearing an All Blacks shirt. Cool.


  15. Scott Says:

    I was shocked at how cheap this thing looked. Very cheap plastic looking. Microsoft still doesn’t get the details.

    I do like the larger screen, I think the social sharing aspect is overrated as it has to be purposely crippled for legal reasons. Also, wifi has to be a huge battery drain.

    Interesting but certainly no iPod killer. Good to have more competition though.

  16. Robert Scoble Says:

    Scott: actually there I’ll disagree with you. My son has a brand new 80GB iPod and the Zune feels and looks just as well engineered and put together. Not cheap plastic looking in my hand. I think it actually looks better in person than on video.

    That said, it has its work cut out. I don’t think it’s going to win many sales vs. the iPod.

  17. What Will You See Next? » Blog Archive » Scoble On Zune: And Another Thing, Micro-Employment Says:

    […] Comments on Robert Scobles podcat on Zune may have come a little early to pick up oin the news that Microsoft are considering making payments to people who refer a song to a friend, when that friend then buys the track. […]

  18. TC Says:

    Talk about low key…bored me beyond belief!
    Why demo a brown one? It’s a pity as the Zune software does have some features that look worthwhile but can easily be copied.
    Has MS marketing sunk so low? My lasting impression is of a product that no one expects to succeed. Hope Ballmer doesn’t view this -he might just keel over!

    Robert are you encoding your output as H264? This download is huuuge.

  19. some1 Says:

    I’m on a slow connection, someone watch the video and tell me the technical specs if they’ve covered those? Does it play WMA Pro and WMA lossless? What other audio formats?

  20. Zune Says:

    Microsoft also removed the Dj feature. That was one of the best feature the Wifi could give us… Read at Clic Zune

  21. Delicate Genius Blog » Blog Archive » More hands on Zune video footage Says:

    […] Check it! […]

  22. deviate Says:

    Hey Scoble, your website looks funny in IE7 and it has multiple javascript errors (null exceptions).

    Also why can’t you post your video in alternative formats, this quicktime tried to install itunes and displays popup ads about buyint a pro version.

    Going to watch the video now…

  23. Robert Scoble Says:

    Deviate: hmmm, I’m using IE 7 here and don’t see those problems. Can you email me a screenshot?

    Other formats will come. They take time to produce and I’ve just hired a guy to do that kind of stuff — he starts in November.

    Some1: I don’t remember covering that.

  24. Rob Cannon Says:

    Not very impressive. I had high hopes for the Zune, but it sounds like they designed a product by commitee instead of by being truly innovative. Did you notice that every time Robert asked about a potentially cool feature, the reply was “well our research/scenario doesn’t indicate that we need that.” Hopefully Zune 2.0 (or 3.0!!) will impress.

  25. Podcasting News » A Talk With Zune’s Product Manager Says:

    […] Robert Scoble has posted an interview with, Matt Jubelirer, the product manager for Microsoft’s iPod competitor, the Zune.  Zune Product Manager: Play Now | Download Rate This Post: Bookmarking links:       Related Topics: Microsoft, portable media player, robert scoble, zune Related articles: The Microsoft Zune Will Be Biggest Flop of 2007, 7 Things Microsoft Needs to Do to Fix the Zune, Zune Video Sneak Preview, Microsoft Zunes: $300, or $284 at Wal-Mart, Five Reasons The Zune is a Disappointment […]

  26. Blog Business Summit in Seattle « John Furrier Says:

    […] I’m at the Blog Business Summit today.  My wife Linda and I flew in last night and met up with Robert and Maryam Scoble last night and we chatted about the Zune interview that he posted yesterday.  Also hooked up with Jory Des Jardins who cofounded BlogHer.  Great conversation.  […]

  27. Zune Video « Joe Duck Says:

    […] Robert Scoble’s got the Zune Scoop direct from Microsoft in the video over at Scobleizer. […]

  28. In-depth Look at the Zune « the 60 billion $$ man Says:

    […] Looks as though PodTech (Robert Scoble anyone?) sat down with Matt Jubelirer, product manager of the Zune program and got a 40 minute video out of it. The video runs through the Zune in detail and really gives a nice overview of Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. […]

  29. Will Says:

    Robert, I don’t know if this has already been suggested to you, but a “keep on top” thumbtack on the video window would be a welcomed feature. The window is small enough for me to work around and the video is too long for me to watch without flipping to another window to do other things.

    There were a few points in this video when I wanted to quickly flip to see what you were showing (I listened to instead of watched most of it while working) and I had to dig through a stack of opened IE windows to find where the player was.

  30. An interview with Matt Jubelirer -- ZuneSphere Says:

    […] Robert Scoble of conducted an interview with Matt Jubelirer - product manager of the Microsoft Zune team. The video of the interview can be seen here at Robert does a pretty good job at asking very pointed questions about the Zune and it’s capabilities and perhaps about some missed opportunities for Microsoft with the initial release of the Zune. […]

  31. Microsoft Zune News and Information @ ZuneUser » New Video Interview of Microsoft Zune Leader Says:

    […] I do have to tap my hat off to Robert Scoble for asking the hard questions no one has asked yet! […]

  32. Greg Says:

    What would look nice would be the white one done up in chrome around the screen and a chrome pad. to follow the lines.

  33. Rory Says:

    Cool video :)

    I’m jealous of the lapel mics. I want to get some for C9 - don’t suppose you’d chat with me a little about your mic setup, would you?

    Also, technical comment: I wouldn’t pan quite so hard to the left/right - I like the differentiation, but it’s a *little* too hard - keep the (virtual) knobs a little closer to center, but still maintain the panning.

    Otherwise, good stuff. I was just down in that area recording a video yesterday - surprised I didn’t run into you.

    Small world, yo :)

  34. An interview with Matt Jubelirer | Krunker Says:

    […] Robert Scoble of conducted an interview with Matt Jubelirer - product manager of the Microsoft Zune team. The video of the interview can be seen here at Robert does a pretty good job at asking very pointed questions about the Zune and it’s capabilities and perhaps about some missed opportunities for Microsoft with the initial release of the Zune. […]

  35. koogle Says:

    yes certainly should have had someone more enthusiastic about the product for the interview. I think the lack of humour wasn’t so good…busy day eh?

    Anyway so many things they could have done to make this product a true ipod killer for the holiday season…

    I could go on a mention features that should have been possible. Scoble even mentioned few that weren’t currently possible.

    At least there making a start. Anyway I found out enough about the product to know I will be more interested in waiting to see what a Zune 3 has to offer instead, or maybe Zune2 if they get the right customer feedback and actually do something about it. ;)

  36. Ryan Spooner Says:

    Looks pretty cool overall, but did you all notice how he kept saying “thats not what people are doing right now” when asked about cool new features that the Zune doesn’t have. Doesn’t he realise that the reason people are not doing those things now is because no-one has those features yet? There was a real opportunity to innovate and impress with this product, but I think they have wasted the opportunity in a pretty big way. I still think the wireless features are cool though, even if they are over simplified. Microsoft if you are reading this… instead of having focus groups looking at what folks are doing now, why not ask a wide range of folks what they want from the device instead?

  37. Sebastian Says:

    Too much “coming this holiday season” and I agree, he didn’t know the basic specs…

  38. DY Says:

    Interesting how the “Microsoft Guy” leaves the company and starts using a Mac… hmmmm very telling

  39. Robert Scoble Says:

    DY: I’m still using a Tablet PC for most things. The Mac is better for HD video.

  40. Rory Says:

    DY -

    “Interesting how the “Microsoft Guy” leaves the company and starts using a Mac… hmmmm very telling”

    How is that “telling”?

    *I’m* a Microsoft guy, and I’ll happily tell you that I use Macs at home and that I’ve purchased them for family members.

    Apple makes great stuff.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t use Windows and PCs at home - just that the universe isn’t this black and white either/or scenario when it comes to technology.

    I also run various linux distros for fun. And I use iTunes. And I use Firefox.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t also use WMP and IE7.

    In an ideal world, I’d actually have a MBP and dual boot between Windows and OS X. They’re both great operating systems.

    Not “telling” at all, in my opinion.

  41. Robert Scoble Says:

    Rory, not to mention that I run Windows inside MacOSX by using Parallels.

    Oh, and I was an Apple fan long before I was a Microsoft fan. Way back in 1977.

  42. More Zune « Conversant on many subjects Says:

    […] There’s a been heaps of buzz here in Seattle about the Zune (I go by at least two billboards on my daily commute). I just watched a little vblog post by Robert Scoble and came away with the following thoughts. […]

  43. Rory Says:

    “Rory, not to mention that I run Windows inside MacOSX by using Parallels.”

    Which is awesome - best of both worlds.

    “Oh, and I was an Apple fan long before I was a Microsoft fan. Way back in 1977.”

    I’m sure I would have been, but I was busy gestating at the time :)

  44. Mule Says:

    I just keep thinking - put the Micro-Framework on it, put the Micro-Framework on it, put the Micro-Framework on it. That’d be cool.

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  47. Chris Says:

    Is there going to be a Mac Zune client so you can sync your Zune AND use Final Cut?

  48. Mushi Says:

    the interviewer suks like crap
    he could go suck his behind if he could

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  50. Beanie Says:

    With a wireless microphone is a transmitter module needed?

  51. Zune product manager is a buzzword generator at Sparkplug 9 >> bizhack Says:

    […] Just watching Scoble’s video podcast with the product manager of Zune, Matt Jubelirer. […]

  52. Joe Says:

    Hey lay off the guy, He’s young and not all that at ease around Robert.
    He looked a little nervous and
    not relaxed.
    I like the Zune and will probably pick one up.

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  56. Zune « Ajit Monteiro Says:

    […] I found an interesting video today of Scoble interviewing the project manager of Zune. Its worth noting the way he handled references to their main competitor, the iPod, in a very respectful way. […]

  57. C Says:

    That dude doesn’t seem to involved in the project, he just seems to know the basics and he seems to know how to dodge questions. ex. “we can look into it blah blah blah”, “optimizing for common users blah blah blah”
    And their box looks almost exactly like the iPod one

  58. Stewtopia » Scoble on the Zune Says:

    […] After watching Scoble’s Zune video yesterday, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the Zune, but I did know one thing for sure, the Zune pm lacked something… I know. It was enthusiasm. Man… I know Scoble isn’t MTV, but Microsoft, try sending the guy that makes me wanna buy this thing. Oy. […]

  59. Some Guy Says:

    Zune is already over. It’s fading into memory just like that “Origami” abortion a couple of months ago.

    Polish up your resumes, guys. Once Ballmer has to face the shareholders at the edge of this crater, he’ll want to get you all out of his sight as fast as he can.

  60. Zune needs podcast functionality « Global Nomad101 Says:

    […] Of course this is grossly unfair, one should never underestimate Microsoft dilligence on their business innovation. With Zune not yet on the shelves, Zune Market Place (the equivalent of iTunes store) we should not be pre-judging this excellent product. Microsoft has never been good at delivering a finished product to market first time, Zune Market Place is a critical part of the customer product experience. The ease of downloads for all digital entertainment, the ease of using already catologued personal content, the pleasure and seamlessness of the entertainment experience all stack up to create the finished product. Scobleizer offers the best insight into Zunes, check out his video. […]

  61. Girls Gone Mobile » Getting Zuned Says:

    […] Want to know more about Zune? Check out Robert Scoble’s interview with Zune project manager Matt Jubelirer. At 40 minutes and 27 seconds, it’s a long one, but you get to see the Zune in action and Robert covers all of the salient points of this upcoming music player. […]

  62. bb Says:


  63. Friday Says:

    Is it just me or does the Zune guy really seem unfriendly and nervous? Dude, a little smiling doesn’t hurt. Next time they should let somebody with an better attitude do the interview.

  64. Friday Says:

    The comment that I just made was even before I had finished watching the whole thing. Now that I’ve seen it completely I have to say:

    Never let that Zune guy get in front of another video camera again. He comes of as extremely annoyed through-out the whole video.

    About Zune itself. The audio sharing and display size seem to be some pretty nice USPs. I’m going to check it out.

  65. Znatok Says:

    It’s interesting if Radio will work when you use NON Zune headphones?
    Headphone wires usually works as antenna. On the video they also looks kinda thick.

  66. Zune Says:

    Will zune beat ipod?

  67. Josiah Says:

    I really like the Zune, it looks like it’s going to be an awesome device, can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    That said, this interview was, in my nut so humble opinion, horrible.

    A good interview candidate is a guy who worked on designing and/or implementing some of the great software or hardware in this little device. Someone who has poured a couple of years into getting this device ready for the public and is really passionate about it. Not some boring marketing type.
    Example: Only a marketing guy would call the use of a standard headphone jack a “feature” - come on. And I would have preferred someone who would have answered that question (About the Zune’s headphones) something like “Well, we tried to put the best headphones we could in here, and we think most people will find them to be pretty good. Now, obviously if you’re a real audiophile you can get some third-party high end headphones and they’ll work just fine, but the included ones should work great for the average customer.” INSTEAD we have a guy who uses more marketing words in his speech then there are in most textbooks on the subject. (Not even BUZZWORDS for crying out loud, but things like “product” - “scenario” - etc. Blech!)

    So, this has really run overly long for a comment, but does anyone else agree with me? Interviews about new ideas or products need to be with someone who is passionate about that idea or product, not some guy fresh out of school with a BS in marketing who kind of memorized the press-release from the MegaCorp that released the product or came up with the idea.

    My inflated 2 cents.

  68. Josiah Says:

    Ha, spellcheck would be nice.

    “NOT so humble opinion”

  69. J T Says:

    The Microsoft guy seemed ok in my eyes, Robert was overexicted and that annoyed the hell out of me - and propably the MS guy, that’s why he looked kinda uncomfortable.

    And Robert doesn’t seemed to have had any questions on a paper; just seemed to ask the questions that pop-ed in his head

  70. Robert Scoble Says:

    JT: I don’t write down questions, you’re right.

    Hey, I was excited. I was finally gonna get answers to why the Zune was so cool. I got answers, for sure.

    I’ve interviewed 700 people in the past three years. Most are pretty darn comfortable. Most interviewees actually key in on my excitement and notch it up a little themselves.

  71. Kris Tuttle Says:

    Good introduction to the Zune device. Much better than reading a brief article in the NYT even by Mossberg.

    The sharing feature could be a major plus. I can imagine people sharing playlists with friends and using these devices in a more social (rather than the iPod anti-social) context.

    Despite the greatness of Apple and the iPod there is a huge MS community that would buy a decent mobile entertainment device from them. At a minimum I expect MS to be able to stem the flood of Windows users going with Apple for music.

    It’s going to be interesting to watch.

  72. Scoble, Zune i klip wideo « ITandMe Says:

    […] No więc zaczynamy! Na pierwszy ogień idzie wideo o najnowszym odtwarzaczu mp3 mało znanej firmy Microsoft ;) Na filmie możemy zobaczyć Zune w akcji i sprawdzić jak marketingowe zapewnienia mają się do rzeczywistości. Za film odpowiedzialny jest znany i lubiany Robert Scoble - gwarancja tego, że nie będzie nudno i nie zabraknie szczegółowych pytań. Polecam! Link Posted by pmec Filed in Uncategorized […]

  73. dave Says:

    anyone’s guess when there is a flash Zune?

  74. Derek Hatchard blogs on » Is Live Says:

    […] There’s a ScobleShow with a Zune product manager up at PodTech.  Scoble makes a good point about wanting to push content onto the device wirelessly (not Zune-to-Zune sharing but actually pushing content from my PC over my wireless network).  And in the comments, Joseph Scott notes a huge problem I also had with the interview: So wireless sharing is supposed to be a killer feature, but they didn’t have two available to test this? […]

  75. The Half Show Says:

    What no podcasting set-up? B O O H O O. Come on Billy what cha doin’ over there?


  76. Zune Pit » New Video Interview of Microsoft Zune Leader Says:

    […] I do have to tap my hat off to Robert Scoble for asking the hard questions no one has asked yet! […]

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    […] I do have to tap my hat off to Robert Scoble for asking the hard questions no one has asked yet! […]

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    Microsoft’s iPod competitor, Zune, will be released on November 14. Matt Jubelirer is product manager for the Zune project. We spoke with him to get an in-depth look at Zune.

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  85. Neopoleon : Losing touch with reality? Says:

    […] The Zune team already gave you something - they gave you free content. You took that content and turned it into a video on your site, which translates into viewers, which translates into ad revenue, which translates into your job and income. They don’t owe you a device on top of it, and especially not if your plan is to talk trash about it. […]

  86. Representative Says:

    CAn you not put Songs you have on Itunes on your Zune? you have to rebuy all of those songs? how unfair is that! (if that’s really true) NEED AN ANSWER IMMEDIATLY!

  87. Microsoft’s Zune « Try Something New …. Anything… Says:

    […] I watched a video on scobleshow some time back on in which Matt Jubelirer, Product Manager for the Zune project shows the cool features of Zune and whats coming next. Good one to watch. […]

  88. Zune Disappoints - Buy MSFT? » Says:

    […] I’m sure you’ve already heard about the Zune.  If not, just check the link to learn more than you ever cared about this gadget, or watch Scoble’s video over on Podtech.  Short version – its Microsoft’s answer to the iPod.  It was released early this week amidst much fanfare, but has so far received less than positive commentary in the media. […]

  89. Ralph Says:

    I´m not too impressed by the Zune but it´s interesting to see MS in the field. Until I have one in my hands I can´t pass final judgement. What I do hate is the Zune´s publicity. When MS tries to be hip/cool/trendy it´s like watching an old person trying to play young… if ya know what I mean. I think that´s why they have placed this (boring)young PR guy in that position… cos he´s young! Shame then that he doesn´t convey any enthusiasm. I found some ad spoof pics on Flikr today and this one kind of sums it up.

  90. The Zune Is Not A Flop « Geek 2.0 Says:

    […] No Comments Leave a Commenttrackback addressThere was an error with your comment, please try again. name (required)email (will not be published)(required)url […]

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  92. Items: О важности стандартизации и силе привычки Says:

    […] Пример уже не из моей жизни, но я о нём наслышан. Итак. iPod и Zune. Уже догадались к чему клоню? Раньше все пользовались продуктом Apple, у которого есть колесо (пусть и сенсорное но всё равно колесо), которое можно крутить. И вот Microsoft выпускает Zune. Счастливый обладатель нового девайса открывает заветную коробку, достаёт плеер, видит круглый контрол и что пытается с ним сделать? Правильно! Покрутить. А оказывается что это всего лишь кнопки, которые сделаны в форме кольца совсем не для этого. Скажете придумал? Нет. Вот вам информация из первых рук: ревью Zune от Scoble  и подкаст на Все говорят одно и то же: после iPod все ожидают сенсорное кольцо :-) […]

  93. Howard Lindzon » Podtech.Net is Podtech.YAWN Says:

    […] Here he is spending fourty freaking minutes talking about the Zune. He calls it in depth. Let me save you the time Robert and do the Zune in one second…check the store shelves because no one has bought one. […]

  94. XYHD.TV » Blog Archive » Friends of Scoble Should Stage an Intervention Says:

    […] Robert you know I love you, but you need to learn to leave something on the cutting room floor.  A non-linear editor should have been high on your list of things to by when Podtech got its $5.5 million.  Zune is a great product, but it doesn’t come with a manual because YOU DON’T NEED 40 MINUTES TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.  […]

  95. cucusoft zune Says:

    It really seems like the Zune is picking up in popularity. It’s nice that there’s a good quality alternative to the iPod now.

  96. Tech Blogged » Blog Archive » | Home Page Says:

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    I’m eagerly awaiting the next batch of zunes to hit the stores soon !

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