Meet the Google Reader Team

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Nick Baum, product manager on the Google Reader team, and Jason Shellen, new business development manager at Google, sit down with me in front of the Google Master Plan 2.0 to talk about Google’s news aggregator (that’s how I read my feeds now).

Click here for transcript.

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  1. First Google interview — Google Reader team « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] If you’re looking to get some insights into the mind of a Googler, this is a fun interview to watch. It’s with Nick Baum and Jason Shellen. Jason was on the original Blogger team, back when it was called Pyra (founded by Meg Hourihan and Evan Williams). […]

  2. Mike Downey Says:

    Great interview, Robert. I’m sure you figured this out during editing, but make sure you have everyone turn off their GSM phones next time so you don’t get that annoying feedback. :)

    Also, FWIW, I like Google Reader a lot but I really wish it would let me pick a folder when I add a new subscription. I organize all my feeds and it annoys me that I have to add them, then go to “Manage Subscriptions” and find the single feed that hasn’t been organized out of one long list.

    See if you can pull a few strings for me!

  3. Google Master Plan 2.0 Revealed « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] Let’s see if this headline can get on Digg. Heheh. Yeah, it points to my interview with the Google Reader team. Am I a traffic whore? Yes. Next question. […]

  4. Etan Says:

    Great interview, Scoble. The audio levels were a bit wonky, though. Is that the sort of thing that will improve when you get your new editor?

  5. Robert Scoble Says:

    Etan: yes. Or when I learn how to do audio right. Or both. I’m working on it.

  6. Rong Ou Says:

    Robert, great interview. I really enjoyed it. However, I was slightly annoyed by the format. Who in this day and age still posts their video as a quicktime .mov file? That’s, like, so 2004. Have you heard of this new invention called Google Video? :) (YouTube has a limit of 10 minutes/100 MB, so it might not work there.)

  7. Aaron Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout at the end to us long-time Google Reader users who can’t stand the new interface. It’s good to know that someone’s working on ways to keep the benefits of the “Lens” view around.

    Google got Reader right the first time, then threw the baby out with the bathwater by trying to rip off Bloglines’ interface.

    (My thoughts on the matter are here and here on the Reader Google Group.)

    As I said there, it comes down to this:

    The old interface was designed by someone who optimized for the 99% reading experience — show me what I’m reading now, show me a few articles ahead, and a single article behind. That’s what I care about 99% of the time. Everything else is gravy.

  8. Robert Scoble Says:

    Rong: I’m looking into other formats. When I put videos up on other hosters like Google, though, I lose control of quality (my videos are a lot sharper) and of advertising (Google will soon put ads on videos). But, I am looking into that.

  9. Scoble Meets the Google Reader Team | Marketing Pilgrim Says:

    […] Robert Scoble is settling in to his new role at PodTech and, as part of his ScobleShow, interviewed Nick Baum and Jason Shellen of the Googler Reader team. It’s a great interview with a valuable insight into Google Reader. […]

  10. Andy Beard Says:

    I started downloading 30 mins ago, went to get something to eat, and will get to watch this in about another hour.

    I can watch videos on Google Video live without having to download.

    Adopting another format as an alternative will make it easier for people with slower international connections to view your content, whilst still providing a “best quality” version for those with a 1MB+ reliable connection.

    Other things to think about are a pure audio only version, and providing a text transcript.

    Just think of the saving in bandwidth costs as a bonus ;)

    It shouldn’t be looked on as a low priority, and you can probably outsource the production of the alternative media formats for just a few dollars, that is easily compensated for with higher traffic and more viewers/listeners/readers.

    I do hope you also mentioned my concern over linkblogs and splogs, which you were aware about on the 30th October.

    (I will follow up once I have actually been able to view it)

  11. Peter Says:

    what about the folks who actually built it?

  12. Jeremiah Says:


    If you need someone to aid you in editing/mastering the audio portion of your pods here, feel free to hit me up: i do this professionally, and hate to see good material burdened with poor audio, etc.

    /spam. :)

  13. Basement Tapes » Meet the Google Reader Team Says:

    […] Meet the Google Reader Team | ScobleShow: Videoblog about geeks, technology, and developers […]

  14. Proletarium — links for 2006-11-03 Says:

    […] technology, and developers Entrevista de Scoble a los TL de Google Reader (tags: google vlog) Sin comentarios En:Enlaces […]

  15. Google are killing the future of RSS at Andy Beard Says:

    […] In a recent podcast Robert Scobles interviewed the Google Reader team, where they made clear that from the start, one of the primary features of Google Reader was the sharing of your private RSS feeds. This is with total disregard for the intended private use of the RSS content. […]

  16. at 1FPS Says:

    […] Now this is one heckuva screensaver. I was watching the Scobleizer interview Nick Baum, product manager of Google Reader, and Jason Shellen, new business development manager at Google. Scoble quickly pans to this LCD which is displaying a real-time virtualization tool that charts Google searches across the globe. Colors represent languages. Scoble then made a crack that more light was coming from Redmond than from the entire country of Africa. Setting aside the real world unfortunate-ness of that statement, that’s awesome. cool, Google, Humor, internet, podcasts, Scoble, technologyTags:cool, Google, Humor, internet, podcasts, Scoble technology […]

  17. George S. Says:

    LOL !!! I rolled down on the floor laughing with google readers approach to solving information overload.

    As Nick Baum said… “We have developed a foldering mechanism”

    LOL :)

    WOW !!! That’s cool man!!! But what exactly is a “foldering mechanism” ?

    He further explains, that apart from giving you the ability to organize feeds in folders, they also give you the ability to click on the folder and read the feeds posts. Amazing. Pure innovation.

    It becomes even funnier further away… I personally have 997 posts to check today in my favourite blogs - about 80 feeds but that no problem, because as Nick says information overload can also be solved by “Sharing” items… If there is a blogger I trust like Robert Scoble for example, I can subscribe to his shared items… and for example if I’m into photography I can subscribe to Nick Baums photography shared items. Fantastic. I will unsubscribe from my feeds (just dished 997 posts) and
    now subscribe to other people’s shared items.

    But the weirdest thing is that no one here seems to find any of these funny. If it was not google behind this product you would be all over it, maybe giving it a R.I.P. sign before it even got started.

  18. о сексе, жизни, бизнес Says:

    Scoble & GoogleReader team…

    Одно из последних видео от Скобла о GoogleReader. А Скобл очень уверено делает своё шоу, безусловно оно интересно и будет актуально.


  19. The ‘Genius’ of Google’s 20% Time « Screenwerk Says:

    […] One of the things that I write about sometimes and continue to be fascinated by is how the culture of different organizations contributes to or hinders their success. Lots of people by now have seen Robert Scoble’s interview with Nick Baum and Jason Shellen (speaks to the power of online video). […]

  20. » Google Reader On The ScobleShow » InsideGoogle » part of the Blog News Channel Says:

    […] The Google Reader team granted Robert Scoble’s ScobleShow vlog a nice video interview. The show description: Nick Baum, product manager on the Google Reader team, and Jason Shellen, new business development manager at Google, sit down with me in front of the Google Master Plan 2.0 to talk about Google’s news aggregator (that’s how I read my feeds now). […]

  21. LLBBL » Recent Developments Says:

    […] Scoble Interviews the Google Reader Team. I have been using google reader recently because my Sage firefox extension doesn’t work very well with the Yahoo Firefox extension. Flock works pretty good as a RSS reader also. […]

  22. Bob Afifi Says:

    Thanks for this Robert, very interesting. I’ve been using the shared clip feature since April on a couple of sites and got some great tips from Mihai

    I hadn’t checked in awhile, but I’m getting an error message when I click on the Read More link

    Used to work fine.

    Thanks again,


  23. Radio Active Code Blog Says:

    […] Check out Scoble’s video with the Google Reader team and a demo of the app. […]

  24. Google Reader - Ancora Imparo Says:

    […] Scoble did a couple great interviews/videos with members of the reader team. [Video1, Video2] […]

  25. Rambles by Rock » Archives » A new online reader Says:

    […] When Google Reader first launched I didn’t understand the interface. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Since that time, they’ve made major improvements to turn it into a fantastic service. Google engineer Matt Cutts, a former Bloglines user, provides an overview of the updated product on his blog. Uber-geek Robert Scoble also interviewed the team that developed the product on his video podcast. […]

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  27. Attention On the Item « Jason Thomasser’s Blog Says:

    […] Robert Scoble, now with his own Scoble Show, has a recent video interview with two of the engineers at Google responsible for Google Reader. It’s worth a look. […]

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  34. Everyone should have at least one Gotchi! » Synchronisieren mit Google Reader - Nicht mehr so Fern? Says:

    […] Wie dem auch sei, so langsam aber sicher könnte die GoogleReader API Wirklichkeit werden. Nach dem Interview von Scoble mit 2 Mitarbeiter des GoogleReader Teams (Nick Baum, product manager on the Google Reader team, and Jason Shellen, new business development manager at Google). Diese erläuterten, dass GoogleReader eigentlich schon auf eine API aufsetzt und das GoogleReader Interface nur auf diese zugreift um Daten zu abzurufen oder abzuspeichern. Warum diese API noch nicht freigegeben wurde liegt daran, dass GoogleReader (auch in der neuen Version) sich eigentlich noch in der Testphase befindet. Jedoch wird, sobald sich das GoogleReader Team sicher ist, dass an der API nichts mehr geändert werden muss, diese auch freigegeben. […]

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