Photowalking #2, Part III: Trouble in the Pumpkin Patch

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Here’s the third and last segment of our walk with Thomas Hawk around a Half Moon Bay pumpkin patch. It starts out with us almost getting kicked out of the store for filming. Lots of fun. Later you meet David Alpert, salesguy from Podtech who was following us around, and see our first Nikon on the show (we’ll try to get some of his photos up so you can see the difference). Thomas also shows off his new MooCards toward the end of the video.

Click here for transcript.

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16 Responses to “Photowalking #2, Part III: Trouble in the Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Trouble in the pumpkin patch (photowalking #3 now totally uploaded) « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] We start out with almost getting kicked out of the pumpkin patch, but it definitely gets better from there. That’s the third part of the second photowalking. Definitely the longest, but that’s cause photographer Thomas Hawk has a thing for tractors. […]

  2. josue salazar Says:

    I’m loving those pumpkins.

  3. adrian lansdown Says:

    these shows keep getting better and better.

    keep it up

  4. unplug Says:

    Scoble, could you do a series where a little post processing is included too? I’d like to see what Thomas uses and how he orders and sorts those thousands of pictures… Maybe that would not be that interesting to everyone but to all the photographers who LOVE this video series I think it would be a great addition!

  5. Life Unplugged… » Blog Archive » Another Photowalking video with Scoble and Thomas Hawk Says:

    […] Plus, check out the Moo Cards Thomas shows in the last part, I already ordered some. *g* Great publicity. If you’ve not seen any from this series check out all the videos here. […]

  6. Brian Sullivan Says:


    I am very interested in VR photography. A “photowalk” involving setup, equipment and technique for QTVR pictures would be fascinating (and I agree with “unplug” seeing some post processing stuff would be useful as well).

    An interesting QTVR guy is Peter Murphy ( is his blog - is his latest picture).

    Obviously shooting him would be difficult (unless you plan a trip to Australia) but I am guessing there are some local photographers doing this kind of work (maybe Thomas knows somebody).

  7. Robert Scoble Says:

    Unplug: we’ve already filmed a photowalking all about Photoshop with one of the world’s top Photoshop experts. That’ll be up in a couple of weeks. It’s most excellent.

    Brian: great idea. We’ll work on finding someone to do just that.

  8. unplug Says:

    Thanks Scoble!

  9. Tom Kirkham Says:

    Robert, another good post would be on HDR imaging. I know that Thomas Hawk mentioned it in one of the earlier segments, but I was wondering if you were working on something more in-depth. Keep up the good work.

  10. Eddie Says:

    Love the show its great…a gallery of the finish pictures would be nice

  11. Robert Scoble Says:

    Eddie: the gallery is linked to here: Thanks!

  12. Vic From Europe Says:

    It ’s nice to see someone actually taking pictures, instead of posting numerous and long epics just about their gear. I surely wouldn’t mind the comments made on dpreview either. ;) Great attitude, mister Hawk.

    Really looking forward to future episodes!

  13. Nigel Says:

    Cool - so now I know what to say when I’m getting kicked out by some 6 foot security guard - “it’s for the ScobleShow, the ScobleShow, the SCOBLESHOW” :)

  14. Nigel Says:

    Ha - that’s classic - you asked permission to take the dogs photo (following on from my posts in the previous episode)

  15. Alex Says:

    Love these Photowalkings with Thomas Hawk. Please do continue them :)

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