The story behind new podcast search engine

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Sit down with Pluggd’s CEO, Alex Castro, and hear his plans for making Internet audiocasts easier to find and consume.

Click here for transcript.

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    […] If you want something a little more filling than burritos and geek talk on the beach, I put up an interview I did with Alex Castro, CEO of Seattle startup Pluggd, which is working on a new search engine for podcasts which is really cool. I got him to give me a shorter demo too. See, something for everyone! Long interview for those who want depth, short demo for those who just want to get the meat. […]

  2. FKCBlog » Blog Archive » News Sources Living in Silos Says:

    […] Robert Scoble posted one of his great video interviews last night with the CEO of Pluggd, a new audio search engine for podcasts that lets you seek clips within a podcast.  […]

  3. Sheamus Says:


    First… An exceptional interview with Alex Castro… Each of you did an AWESOME job in terms of quality dialogue and quality information and… the chemistry between you guys was GREAT.

    Second… My guess is that you may now be using a second mic for yourself because this ancient guy was able to clearly hear your (incredibly GREAT!) questions and comments.

    Third… After having now watched several of your interviews within the past 24 hours… A number of issues have become apparent to me that are best discussed privately, including material (material as in the financial sense simply meaning BIG and/or significent) economic opportunities for you and podtech. Please email me so that we can begin a dialogue regarding these issues.

    Again, an incredible job incredibly well-done!!!!!

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