Demo of how Pluggd makes using podcasts easier

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Finding stuff you want to listen to in podcasts and audio files can be frustratingly hard. Why should you listen to an ESPN report when all you want to hear is how Tiger Woods did over the weekend? Well, Pluggd is a new kind of audio search engine that’ll let you search inside audio files. Alex Castro, Pluggd’s founder, gives you a demo of just how it works.

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  1. Beach burritos and new podcast search engine (Pluggd) « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] If you want something a little more filling than burritos and geek talk on the beach, I put up an interview I did with Alex Castro, CEO of Seattle startup Pluggd, which is working on a new search engine for podcasts which is really cool. I got him to give me a shorter demo too. See, something for everyone! Long interview for those who want depth, short demo for those who just want to get the meat. […]

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  3. Ryan Price Says:

    Yeah, but they are still in demo version, this feature (as cool as it is) is not launched on the rest of their site, and they give no indication of when they plan on integrating it.


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