Talking about Microsoft Expression Web (design tool for Web sites)

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Eric Zocher and Wayne Smith sit down to talk with me about Microsoft’s Expression Web, a new tool for helping design and develop Web sites. Interesting discussion about Microsoft’s approach to Web development and design teams and the tools they’ll need.


Click here for transcript.

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    […] But we have something for you Microsoft fans too! I have an interview with the Microsoft Expression Web management, as well as a very cool demo (that’s a new Web design/development/workflow tool that Microsoft is shipping). […]

  2. Darcey Says:

    I’ve downloaded this video on my desktop comp, but for some reason everytime I try to open it, it crashes windows explorer, but it works fine on my laptop. I’ve tried other QT vids including videos from this site and they all work fine, so something strange is happening)-:

    Interesting video though, thanks Robert.

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  5. Steve Johnson Says:

    Robert - Great video interviewing the Expression folks. We are proud to support creative web designers with our video tutorials inside the Expression product boxes.

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    […] Expression Web team interview (38:40 video) — This interview was done prior to release of the final build with a posting date of November 22, 2006. Scoble is almost impossible to hear and understand but Eric who does most of the talking in the first half is very clear. The primary benefit of watching this video is the insight on Microsoft’’s thought process on the who Expression Suite and interesting thoughts on the role of creative professionals vs that mythical information worker. […]

  7. me Says:

    This was a very interesting interview. However, Just two small suggestions. 1. the two guys you are talking to sound fine but i can hardly hear you . 2. let your guests do the talking. i can’t count the times in this video that you interupted the guests in mid-thought. and you spoke longer then the two of them put together. and that sucks cause i could hardly hear you.

  8. f Says:


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  10. Emma private blog Says:


    The Top 10 Hardest PC Games of All Time…

  11. steve M Says:

    Very great interview, and informative too nice to see people talks truth too and thats very appealing.

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