One of the Top Zuma players shows her tricks

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Kim Sacha is one of the top Zuma players (a popular game on Xbox 360) in the world and she shows us how she does it. Why is this important? Because casual gamers are turning out to be an important market for game designers. Also, women are changing the face of gaming and you get a look at why she got into the game, and get some tips for Zuma playing of your own.

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6 Responses to “One of the Top Zuma players shows her tricks”

  1. ScobleShow Appearance « Zuma360 Says:

    […] When my friends Maryam and Robert Scoble were in town last month, Maryam asked if she could interview me playing Zuma.  She’s a big fan of the frog too.  So, she and Robert came to my home and they filmed my Zuma playing.  We had a great time with wine, teh internets, and teh Xbox.  It’s always a pleasure to see them and it was an honor to be on their show.  I hope you all enjoy the video.    […]

  2. Zuma champion on ScobleShow « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] That’s about how fast Kim Sacha is. Watch the video and learn how to play Zuma (one of the top Xbox 360 and iPod video games). Oh, and if you’re in the video game business, this is free customer research into the casual gamer market. Hint: those women control a lot of Xbox purchases! Wake up Tom Peters! […]

  3. Steve P Says:

    You can also play it on a Verizon cellphone. =)

  4. The Exclusive and Elusive 3 Million « Zuma360 Says:

    […] Secondly, place balls as combos are occurring.  As balls are moving back from the previous combo, place balls for the next.  You have to be very quick and accurate, but this pushes the chain way back and gets you lots of points without wasting any time.  (If my wording is confusing, watch the Scoble interview again.  I talk about it in there and demonstrate the technique.) […]

  5. zuma Says:

    shut da hell up & just give ur tips!

  6. Klu Says:

    I don’t know if the Xbox version is any different than the PC version of Zuma, but my top scores are all over 3.2 gigs (top score is 3,276,960). Does this mean that I am Zuma Queen??? :)

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