Meet the Social Software Associate Professor: Liz Lawley

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After the recent Blog Business Summit Maryam sat down with Liz Lawley, who teaches at the Rochester Institute of Technology (teaching really doesn’t define what she does — she’s also the director of RIT’s lab for Social Computing), and just completed a stint at Microsoft Research. She’s one of the people we trust to tell us what’s going on in the world of social software. Hear what she’s up to lately and get some insights into the Web 2.0 and social computing world. Also she discusses her Personal Ubiquitous Library Project.

Click here for transcript.

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14 Responses to “Meet the Social Software Associate Professor: Liz Lawley”

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  2. Sheamus Says:

    Thank you for introducing Liz Lawley and… For your Fabulous video interview!

    In particular I LOVE the segment which addressed “Women in Technology” issues and… The advice provided by Liz to women (and in my view applicable to everyone) at the very end of her interview was AWESOME!!

    Exceptionally well-done Maryam!!!

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    […] Inspired by this video, I felt an urge to further dig into the world of gaming and especially social gaming, such as Second life and World of Warcraft. Personally, I’ve never tried either of them, so I’ll state right away that I’m no expert on these and trying to offer some kind of insight without any experience of the actual services. […]

  6. Roland Tanglao Says:

    liz rocks! i was lucky enough to meet her at Seattle BlogWalk 2005

    don’t miss a chance to meet her if she comes to your neighbourhood!

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