Blogtronix built white label “Channel 9″ for enterprises

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Hear how Vassil Mladjov, CEO of Blogtronix, has built a white-label turnkey “Channel 9” for your company. Channel 9 is Microsoft’s videoblog/social software community. Blogtronix has blogs, a social network, wikis, video, audio, and all the stuff an enterprise would need to have both a private and a public social site.

Click here for transcript.

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55 Responses to “Blogtronix built white label “Channel 9″ for enterprises”

  1. Blogs and wikis as platforms « Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Says:

    […] yesterday (demo and interview). I like their stuff a lot, it lets companies build their own “Channel 9″ without having three great developers of their own. Filed under: blogging @5:25 am # […]

  2. Jim Butz Says:

    I really enjoyed your interview of Vassil and hearing about Blogtronix. I ran into them a couple of months ago when I was looking at various enterprise level social networking solutions. My client is currently evaluating their solution.

    I really liked their system and their approach to bringing together all the pieces so that it supports the needs of the enterprise.

    I also like his announcing that they are going to have a free version for small companies to get started with.

    As a side, of the five solutions we are looking at, Blogtronix is the best value. I should also add that I have no relationship with Blogtronix other than looking at their solution for one of my clients.

    Thanks again for the great interview.

  3. Genius Says:

    […] I’m watching ScobleShow about Blogtronix (show link) and Vassil Mladjov, CEO, said something very interesting about 1/2 way through. Roughly transcribed: […]

  4. Jordan Says:

    Any idea when/if on10’s/Channel 9’s evNET will ever be released to the public as sample or payfor? Blogtronix looks great, but I’d really love the real deal it’s just boss.

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  6. Under the Radar » Blog Archive » Blogtronix Says:

    […] Seen and Heard: Let’s not forget the trade journals: CMS Wire reports “Unsurprisingly, Blogtronix’s CEO, Vassil Mladjov claims Intel’s SuiteTwo is “no big deal”. And he has some rights, if a well vested interest, in doing so.” Scoble adds: “Blogtronix, has built a white-label turnkey “Channel 9” for your company.” […]

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